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Peterson Strobosoft v2

Shipping imminently
Strobosoft is the software version of Peterson's highly respected strobe instrument tuner, which is regarded by many as one of the most accurate on the market. Peterson announced that they were updating the application back in January, but it's now ready to ship.

The main new functionality of Strobosoft 2 is that it can work as a VST or Audio Units plug-in, so it can be inserted on a channel strip in any compatible DAW on both Mac or PC. The strobe display can now be resized to fill the whole screen, allowing it to be viewed from across a stage, for example. Also, there's a new pitch graph that displays the input signal in terms of duration and pitch.

Strobosoft 2 features a Tap Tune function that Peterson say is ideal for people who need to tune woods during the construction of instruments, but also for those that want to tune-up percussive instruments. A final touch is the inclusion of two new 'skins', each providing a visually different look for the plug-in.

For further information, check out the Peterson Tuners web site.

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