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Prodipe get colourful

3000 series headphones bring a splash of colour to the studio

Prodipe 3000 series headphonesProdipe 3000 series headphonesFrench audio manufacturer Prodipe have released two new pairs of headphones, the 3000BR and 3000W. The former is black and red, while the latter is all white, and both models are available for £49.90 including VAT.

The 3000 series sport a closed-back circum-aural design, not dissimilar in look to Beyerdynamic's DT250 cans, and Prodipe claim they have a frequency response of 15Hz to 22kHz.

We haven't heard them, but these colourful, competitively-priced headphones could be worth a look if you're in the market for some inexpensive studio headphones, or for an upgrade to your earbuds for listing to music.

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