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Propellerhead release new Parsec Synthesizer

New additive synth Rack Extension available now

Propellerhead have announced the availability of Parsec, a new synthesizer for Reason, Propellerhead’s music production software for Mac and PC. Parsec adds a new style of synthesis to the rack and allows for a wealth of brand new sounds, textures and noises.

According to Propellerhead, "Parsec offers impressive tones for charismatic hooks, build-ups, pads, atmospheres and otherworldly sounds. It’s built to inspire, regardless of the musical genre it is used in: indiepop, techno, house or bass music."

Parsec is an additive synthesizer, based around two advanced oscillators consisting of 512 partials each that are sculpted through two 'modifiers'. There are 2 envelopes and 2 LFOs that can modulate parameters. There is also a delay and a reverb that add to the sonic palette, and a modulation bus, familiar to users of Propellerhead’s Thor synth.

Parsec features, as provided by Propellerhead:

·      Additive synthesis without taxing your CPU—or your brain.
·      A new palette of inspiring synth sounds for the Reason Rack.
·      It's a vocoder too, with modulation from Parsec's audio input.
·      Amazing sound bank with inspiring sounds for electro house, bass music, minimal techno, electronic indie and pop, far-out experimental, and more.
·      Based on interesting algorithms that encourage experimentation without requiring technical knowledge of additive synthesis.
·      Integrated with the Reason rack: control Parsec from other sources; run audio through it; combine it with other instruments.
·      Two engines that make up a single sound. Use one engine for the attack and another for sustain. Or use both at the same time for ultra thick tones!
·      Super-flexible internal routing with plenty of modulation sources.

"Parsec in Action" Video from Propellerhead: 


Parsec is available immediately from the Propellerhead Rack Extension store for USD 119,- and Euro 99,-

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