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Soniccouture release Clav for Kontakt Player

VI experts recreate Hohner D6 Clavinet

Soniccouture Clav virtual instrumentSoniccouture Clav virtual instrumentSoniccouture, makers of Konkrete 3 reviewed in the current edition of Sound On Sound (, have just released a brand new Hohner D6 Clavinet virtual instrument. The instrument has been "surgically" sampled and uses 14,800 samples over five octaves, with 31 velocity levels on four articulations for each note. Soniccouture are currently running an introductory offer of $20£10 off until July 5th. 

More from Soniccouture follows.

Press Release: Soniccouture are very pleased to announce their latest product, a state-of-the-art reproduction of a Hohner D6 clavinet. 

A surgical approach to sampling the instrument involved specially modifying the instrument to provide separate outputs for each pickup, and add an input to the switchable D6 preamp EQ. This allowed Soniccouture to sample each pickup separately, which is how they are presented in the final virtual instrument. This makes it possible to precisely emulate the phase switching of the original instrument, as well as adding the unique ability to pan pickups in stereo, and to bypass the preamp for a clean ‘direct output’.

Features :
• 9.6 GB library (5 GB with Kontakt NCW compression)
• 14,800 samples , 24 bit 48 khz sampling
• 5 octaves: 60 notes, from F1 to E5
• 31 velocities on all articulations; straight, mute, release, and mute release
• Intelligent round robin, switchable.
• Modeled impulse responses of Hohner Clavinet D6 preamp / filters.
• Control over individual pickup gain and pan, with direct out
• Sound design presets included
• Demo MIDI files included
• Custom effects panel with MIDI controllable wah-wah effect & Soniccouture impulse response reverb library
• Compatible with free Kontakt Player 5 - VST AU RTAS

Availability and Pricing
Available now as Download, priced EUR 99 / USD 119
Offer ends 05/07/2013

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