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Soniccouture release Konkrete 3

90 full electronic kits for NI Kontakt Player

Soniccouture Konkrete 3 Electronic drum machineSoniccouture Konkrete 3 electronic drum moduleLondon-based Soniccouture have just released a drum and percussion NI Kontakt instrument for electronic music genres. We've always been been impressed by Soniccouture's sample libraries and this looks like it has a lot to offer. Here's more from the makers of Konkrete 3.

Press Release: James & Dan would like to present Konkrete 3 : possibly the most sophisticated Kontakt instrument they have ever built. Based around 90 full kits (each kit spanning a full 61 note keyboard), Konkrete 3 goes much further into synthesis & generative sequencing. Each of the 5000 drum sounds was individually created, as part of a process that took several years. Among the sound sources: Buchla 200e synth, metal playground, 9ft grand piano, Telemark synth, Ebay drum kit (smashed), broken soviet drum machine, circuit bent samplers, a Guzheng, Liepzig synth, Culture Vulture distortion unit, Rhodes Stage 73, contact mics, physical modelling algorithms, mobile phone codecs, Thunder Drum, Epson printer, acoustic guitars, washing machines, vaccum cleaner tubes, sledgehammers, vintage phono pre-amps, wire brushes and many more.

The original 49 kits from the best-selling Konkrete 1 & 2 libraries are included here in an upgraded form. Owners of these products can get an upgrade discount - email SC via the website for details.

Intro Offer - 15% Off until Feb 18th.

Enter Code : TEAHGAF 

Regular pricing for Konkrete 3 is £99/€99/$129.

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