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Sonodyne announce SRP 500 speakers

New models boast aluminium construction and Kevlar cones

SRP 500 studio monitorsSRP 500 studio monitorsIndian speaker manufacturer Sonodyne have been creating audio equipment for 40 years, and with their latest product, the SRP 500, they aim to eliminate colouration and extend low-frequency response. To achieve this, their new speakers feature “pressure die-cast moulding” of aluminium for the cabinets and non-parallel edges to minimize the build-up of standing waves.

The first in the new SRP range are the SRP 500 speakers, with a 5.25-inch Kevlar woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, but more models are expected later in the year. The SM300 models that were announced in 2011 should be shipping early in the second quarter of 2013 as well. 

Sonodyne are already knocking speakers from Genelec, Focal and Adam off the meterbridge, so pricing is expected to be in a similar ball-park to offerings from these manufacturers, but official street prices are not yet confirmed. 

For more information from Sonodyne, read on.

Press Release: The new SRP series active reference monitors are built with attention to detail, both in build and performance.

Unique pressure die-cast moulded cabinet: This monolithic, rigid cabinet eliminates colouration caused, typically, due to cabinet vibration. The non-parallel edges minimize standing wave build-up. This results in a smooth and extended low frequency response.

DSP-enabled bi-amplifier: The SRP models use two discrete amplifiers per speaker. These hefty class AB amplifiers have oodles of power and headroom and provide a clean, undistorted signal. The DSP ensures linearity both in frequency and time domains resulting in a detailed, natural sound.

Acoustic waveguides: Our quest into achieving linearity in off-axis response resulted in an unique waveguide for each SRP HF transducer. This results in clear, detailed high frequency response over a wide sweet spot.

Kevlar cone: The stiff woven fibre of the Kevlar cone minimizes cone breakup. Combined with a powerful motor system this results in high grade performance both in terms of linearity and dynamics.

Powder-coated finish: The pressure die-cast cabinets are powder coated in our factory to ensure a durable yet aesthetically pleasing finish.

Wall mounts: These sturdy wall mount brackets allow for smooth motion and positioning in both horizontal and vertical planes.

The first offering in this new range is the SRP 500. This new compact model provides exceptional clarity, dynamic and frequency bandwidth. The detailing is exceptional. On the front is a unique volume control that ranges from mute to +6dB with centre detent at 0dB. On the rear are calibrated HF and LF shelving EQs and a HP filter. Both TRS and XLR balanced inputs are available. The SRP 500 can be console or wall mounted. The bottom inserts allow for table/floor stand to be firmly attached and the rear inserts accommodate the SRP WB1 wall bracket. The SRP 500 is available in white, black, or silver.

Following the SRP 500, the SRP 400, 600 and 800 models shall be available mid 2013.

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