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Sound Restoration for Music, Film, TV & Private collections

Vibe Studios introduce sound restoration services

Press Release: You might have been involved in situations where location sound went wrong and you had to record everything all over again, or maybe you had to deal with an old phonographic record that was not stored well and has cracks all over the playtime. You might even had to deal with clipped or distorted audio that was not usable for your production.

These problems that were impossible or very expensive to fix can now be solved at a reasonable price. We offer sound restoration in the highest possible standards. We have specialized, dedicated equipment and staff to bring back your recording to his original state or maybe even re-master it.<strong>Broken piano: </strong>sound files deserve a second life, just like this old pianoBroken piano: sound files deserve a second life, just like this old piano

We are also able to restore full length feature films in stereo or 7.1 surround. Next to our restoration services we also can digitalize old phonographic recordings (33, 45, 78), TAPE (reels: 3", 4", 5", 7" and 10.5"), Cassettes. We only use use high-end equipment to transfer your analogue material to digital master files.

Just like this unique old piano, sound files also deserve a second life to eventually last forever.

Sound "problems" we can solve:

  • Damaged location sound: remove clicks, hiss, buzz, pops.
  • Feature Film: fix speed variations during aging reels, buzz, brighten up sound, buzz, hiss, clicks.
  • LP (33, 45, 78), Casettes, TAPE, DAT: Digitalize media with hi-end transcription equipment. Restoration: removing clicks, Hiss, fix speed variations and buzz.
  • Forensics: Voice Enhancement (improve Intelligibility from CB conversations or noisy environments), Tape Authentication (for evidence in court), Voice Identification

Listen to a few examples. of before and after restoration: click here

Free custom demo? Send us your damanged sound file and send back how it would sound like after restoration.

For any questions or inquiries call us at: +32(0)92779254 or+44(0)2035824086 or e-mail:

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