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Steinberg bring gesture control to Cubase

Cubase iC Air and Leap Motion controller let you conduct your mix.

Steinberg have announced the release of CubaseiC Air, a new system that allows users to interact with the popular DAW via hand gestures. Cubase iC Air software is free to use but requires either a Leap Motion Controller or depth camera run by the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK.

“With the advent of various gesture recognition technologies we’ve been looking into possibilities to control Cubase in a novel way by using simple hand gestures as an alternative control alongside the conventional mouse and keyboard — and CubaseiC Air is our first achievement in this field of research,” comments Shih Ming Law, key developer for CubaseiC Air.

The system currently recognises 11 hand gestures and various combinations, and allows one parameter to be controlled at a time. Zooming and transport functions are available, but it’s also possible to control virtually any parameter through Advanced Integration, whether on a VST instrument or effect. If you assign gestures to certain faders, it’s also possible to mix a track like an orchestral conductor.

To get a better impression of what’s possible, watch Steinberg’s promotional video.

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