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Stretch That Note release Motion

New 3D percussion library

STN MotionSTN MotionStretch That Note make drum sample libraries and Kontakt instruments that are specifically designed for sample layering. When samples are combined, the idea is that the sound becomes bigger, not smaller, because all samples are painstakingly edited to be phase-aligned.

The latest sample library from Stretch That Note, Motion, is something a bit different, though. All the sounds in Motion are a combination of at least two layers and are designed to give the impression of movement within a 3D space.

For electronic genres this is definitely worth a look, and STN are offering a taster pack of 20 samples for all account holders.

For more info, read on.

Press Release: Motion is the ultimate 3D electronic cinematic percussion sample library created with the STN approach of phase cancelled samples with a minimum of 2 layers per sample.
Boasting a huge sample count of over 500 samples, Motion takes the user to a land far, far away where frequency smearing, summing and cancellation exist no more.

Each sample is a combination of two sample layers with each layer performing a different motion: this means you have a sample with two layers behaving in different ways: be it panning, modulation of filters and so on. The result is an interesting combination of both texture and motion. Some samples will 'move' behind you when using headphones to audition the sounds. These are not binaural recordings - the way 3D movement is created using filters and modulators. I have included one or two examples of this in the free sample demo pack.

If you like sounds that grate, resonate, die to static and so on then this pack is for you. If you don't then it's not.
There is no better way for you to audition the content than to use the samples, and to accommodate this I am providing a taster pack of 20 assorted samples completely free when you sign up here. Existing account holders will have the sample packs added to their account automatically.

Download the FREE demo samples and explore a world of Motion... a world of Cinematic Percussion!

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