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Studio Series launch the new TAPO

Guitar Capo and Tuner in one

Tapo from Studio SeriesTapo from Studio SeriesPress Release: Studio Series (an Editors Keys Company) have just launched an exciting new product for guitar players worldwide.

The TAPO is a new device, which combines a guitar capo and guitar tuner within one helpful gadget.

The TAPO features high sensitivity tuning, which makes it more accurate, convenient and incredibly fast compared to using individual products

The TAPO features a premium spring-loaded capo, which makes it a breeze to attach to your guitar. Once the TAPO is on the guitar, it’s set up and ready to tune each string. It can be set as a chromatic tuner with the ability to tune bass guitars too. The built in tuner detects the string name and when you pluck a string, the tuner will turn green to notify you when you’re in tune.

So what happens if you don’t need the capo? Well the TAPO can be left attached to your guitar head, which makes it perfect for your live performances. The TAPO can even tune your guitar whilst it’s on your guitar head, so you don’t need to leave it on your strings whilst you’re playing your guitar

“Things work best when they’re simple. The TAPO is easy to use and much lighter than most guitar tuners, meaning you have one less item to carry around with you whilst playing your gigs.” Says Mark Brown, Company Director of Editors Keys.

The guitar TAPO is available today for £24.99 

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