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Summer NAMM 2014: Tascam CG Series (Video)

Master Clock Generators

Tascam have introduced three new master-clock generators for studio and broadcast applications. The CG range employ oven-controlled crystal oscillators (OCXO) with 0.01PPM (parts per million) accuracy, which Tascam claim is the highest in its class. The clocks also use jitter management and glitch-free reclocking circuits for greater accuracy. For even greater accuracy still, there is also a 10MHz input for Rubidium-based generators. Two outputs on each clock can also be set to run at multiples of the main sample rate, for example 1/2Fs, 1/4Fs, 2xFs, 4xFs and 256xFS for SuperClock. All clock generators also feature a USB port for saving and recall of four system presets.

For recording studios, there’s the CG1000 (£1099) with 12 word clock outputs, while the CG1800 (£1349) adds video clock capability for post-production facilities. Finally, for broadcast applications there’s the CG2000 (£2399), which adds redundant power sources, dual clock input and a general-purpose output for tally alarms and status monitoring. The CG1000 and CG2000 should both be out in August, and the CG1800 should become available in October.

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