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Sweetwater give away $35000 of mics

Online retailer celebrates 'Mic Month'

Sweetwater mic giveawaySweetwater mic giveawaySweetwater, the online music equipment retailer, are celebrating 'Mic Month' this May by giving away two mic lockers to lucky winners. The competition is only open to US residents. For more info, read on.

Press Release: To celebrate "Mic Month" at Sweetwater, two incredible Mic Lockers will be given away to two lucky entrants. A total of 39 mics, worth $35,000, divided into two packages, will feature mics from Neumann, Shure, Blue, AKG, Miktek, Lauten, Royer, Telefunken, and many more top brands! Package 1, valued at $20,500, includes 18 mics, and Package 2, valued at $14,500, includes 21 mics. The winner will be announced at the end of May. To enter to win the Sweetwater Mic Locker Giveaway, go to:

Be sure to check out the amazing deals, including mics, Sweetwater exclusives, and bundles, which will be featured all throughout the month of May at:  Also, 24 months financing is available for many of the top mic brands being featured.

For more information, call a Sweetwater Sales Engineer, toll free, at (800) 222-4700.

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