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UA release Ocean Way Studios plug-in

Plug-in models famous recording set-up

Ocean Way Studios plug-in from UAUniversal Audio claim their latest plug-in is more than a regular convolution reverb. The Ocean Way Studios plug-in for the UAD platform is said to combine elements of the recording space, tonal chracteristics from vintage microphones and model different sources to give the impression that your music has been tracked in Ocean Way's world-famous Studio A and B.

Ocean Way Studios adds the unique ambience and dispersion properties of various sources in the two main recording rooms at Ocean Way Recordings. Modelling dispersion properties is something that we've seen before in Ircam Spat by Flux, but this seems to be the first time this technique has been combined with source modelling and microphone modelling.

There are eight different instrument and vocal source types, each with their own dispersion patterns, and mic positions can be changed in real time. We look forward to trying it and hoe to bring you a full review very soon.

For more information from Universal Audio, read on:

Press Release: Universal Audio (UA), a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is pleased to announce the release of the groundbreaking Ocean Way Studios plug-in for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform. Developed over a three-year period by UA and Allen Sides, Ocean Way Studios is an audio processing first — combining elements of room, microphone, and source modeling so tracks sound as if they were recorded in the legendary studios of Ocean Way Recording.

Built upon UA's proprietary new Dynamic Room Modeling, Ocean Way Studios provides the unique ambience and dispersion properties of various sources in the rooms at Ocean Way, as recorded through a selection of rare vintage microphones that can be dynamically positioned in real time via a simple click-and-drag interface. Ideal mic selections and placements are provided in both Ocean Way Recording's "Studio A" and "Studio B" — the exact rooms and setups used to record some of the biggest acts of all time...

"Ocean Way Studios is one of the most ambitious projects in UA history," explains Bill Putnam, Jr., UA founder and CEO. "We're going far beyond previous convolution technologies to provide the complex interactions between room, source, and microphones — the things that make the acoustics at studios like Ocean Way Recording so special."

The beautifully balanced, performance-inspiring rooms of Ocean Way Recording have shaped the sound of countless classic records, from Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles to Michael Jackson and Radiohead. The man at the helm of Ocean Way Recording for more than two decades, Allen Sides, provided guidance, sonic tuning — and access to his $250,000 collection of vintage microphones — throughout the Ocean Way Studios design process.

"The Ocean Way Studios plug-in comes as close to pulling up a set of my favorite mics at Ocean Way as I could imagine," said Allen Sides. "The speed at which I can use this in a mixing configuration is ridiculous, and the results are stunning."

The new Ocean Way Studios Plug-In is now available on the UAD Powered Plug-Ins Platform for $349US via UA's Online Store as part of UAD Software v7.0. — which also includes the SPL Twintube and Sonnox Inflator Plug-Ins.

Ocean Way Studios Plug-In Features Include:

  • Breakthrough acoustic emulations of Ocean Way Recording's legendary Studio A and Studio B
  • Dynamic Room Modeling combines room, microphone, and source models for unprecedented realism
  • Incorporates sonic profiles of vintage microphones from Allen Side's world-renowned collection
  • Includes mic bleed and mic proximity effects for stunning accuracy
  • Choose from eight instrument / vocal source types with unique dispersion patterns
  • Position and blend between three vintage mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time
  • Use in "Reverb" mode, mixing wet and dry signal; or "Re-Mic" mode, replacing your original room and mic sounds altogether
  • Preset mic selections, placements and creative direction by Ocean Way's Allen Sides

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