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Vir2 Studio Kit Builder now shipping

130 virtual drum sounds & 1k+ MIDI performances!

Press Release: Packed with 130 drum kit pieces and more than 50 prebuilt drum kits, this latest offering from Vir2 delivers one of the most complete collections of acoustic drum kits ever delivered in one Kontakt-powered plugin.

The main interface allows you to easily click-and-choose any kit piece, and thanks to the fast optimized load time, it's possible to audition any drum or cymbal on the fly and build new custom kits within seconds. 
Vir2 Studio Kit BuilderVir2 Studio Kit Builder
Shape the acoustics using the versatile mixer, which includes several high quality effects on every channel and bus for precise tonal shaping. Get full control over multiple mic positions and, for added flexibility, route individual mixer channels to separate outputs for traditional mixing in your sequencer. Studio Kit Builder quickly adapts to any workflow or style.

Over one thousand MIDI files across dozens of styles are provided to help build a drum track quickly and MIDI files can be dropped into your sequencer directly from the Studio Kit Builder interface.

From pop, rock and drum and bass, to blues, jazz, metal and beyond, Studio Kit Builder is a hugely versatile and dynamic drumming virtual instrument.

Available as a download or DVD
RRP: £125.00 / €159.00

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