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New design lowers noise and price

VocalBooth Gold 4x4VocalBooth Gold 4x4Industry-leading makers of portable sound rooms and isolation enclosures, have made a major improvement to their ventilation systems, making their new booths both quieter and less expensive. More information from VocalBooth follows.

Press Release:, the innovative manufacturer of state-of-the-art portable sound rooms and isolation enclosures, has designed a major improvement to both their standard and upgraded ventilation systems. The standard system, which comes included with every VocalBooth, now features a quieter fan unit with an acoustically treated duct hose and larger baffle boxes.

“This new design has reduced fan noise to the point of us not needing to offer a vent silencer unit,” stated Calvin Mann, founder and president of “The result is not only a recording and testing-ready environment, but a cost savings to our customers.”  

VocalBooth didn’t stop there.  With the addition of a new product, the High Capacity Output Unit (HCOU), an increased airflow option is available. When a user works for long periods of time in their booth, has heat-generating equipment, has multiple people working in the booth, or is located in a warmer climate location the HCOU can process nearly 100cfm of airflow with a minimum of increased fan noise.

For further information, contact a sales rep on +1 541 330 6045 or visit them on the web.

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