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NAMM 2010: Akai APC20 (Video)

Ableton Live controller

Akai have released a smaller version of their APC40 Ableton Live controller, dubbed the APC20. The feature set is almost identical to the APC40, but with the right-hand controls removed, which means the removal of the cross fader, the 16 controller knobs, tap-tempo and bank navigation, among other controls.

What is retained, however, appears to comprise a solid controller featuring 40 navigation and Clip-launch buttons, eight Clip-stop buttons, five Scene-launch buttons, and nine faders. The faders can be assigned to volume, pan or send levels, or can be assigned by the user to control effects parameters and other functions, while eight solo and eight activator buttons allow in-depth control of a Live Session. PC or Mac connection is achieved via a single USB port, and the unit is powered by a separate 12V wall-wart. The price is set to be around £249 in the UK.



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