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NAMM 2012: Line 6 Launch XD-V Series

Digital wireless microphones

Line 6 XD-35 wireless digital micLine 6 XD-35 wireless digital micPress Release: Line 6 has announced the XD-V75, XD-V55, and XD-V35 series digital wireless microphone systems at Winter NAMM 2012.  

Featuring sophisticated microphone modelling technology, XD-V systems deliver the sound of the world’s most popular wired mics combined with a proven 4th-generation digital wireless platform. With 24-bit, 10Hz–20kHz, compander-free performance, XD-V series digital wireless systems provide unmatched, full-range audio clarity and license-free operation worldwide.

Designed for professional vocalists and performers, the new flagship XD-V75 line includes handheld, lavaliere, headset and bodypack digital wireless systems. The family offers pure, 24-bit sound with unparalleled reliability and a full complement of professional features including signal encryption, dynamic filters, gain control, channel scanning and more to handle the most complex applications.

Line 6 XD-V55 digital wireless micLine 6 XD-V55 digital wireless micUtilizing the same 4th-generation digital wireless platform as the XD-V75, the XD-V55 family offers handheld, lavaliere and headset systems and the compact, portable XD-V35 family includes handheld and lavaliere systems.

“For performers who want wired mic audio performance and wireless freedom, the combination of Line 6 modelling and our class-leading digital wireless platform makes the latest XD-V systems the only choice,” says Steve Devino, live sound product manager at Line 6. “Proven on countless stages and tours worldwide,” he continued, “fourth-generation Line 6 digital wireless technology ensures the best possible performance experience with crystal-clear audio, rock-solid reliability and simple, license-free operation – worldwide.”

Ensuring faithful reproduction and stunning full-range audio clarity, XD-V systems all feature 10Hz - 20kHz frequency response and wide dynamic range (up to >120 dB).  Unlike analogue wireless technology, Line 6 digital wireless technology does not use companders or compress the audio signal in any way, and audio quality does not degrade with distance, inspiring vocalists to perform with confidence.  XD-V systems operate in the 2.4GHz band, which is free from interference due to TV broadcast, public safety announcements, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices.  Encoded DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) technology prevents reception of any audio interference from other 2.4 GHz devices.

XD-V handheld systems feature a selection of up to 10 spectacular models of the world’s most popular vocal microphones.  Using this incredibly diverse sonic palette, vocalists can choose the perfect microphone sound to match their voice and style of performance.

For active spoken-word performers, instrumentalists or singers who require a hands-free solution, XD-V bodypack systems offer selectable EQ filter models, tailored for a wide range of vocal and instrumental applications.  XD-V75 systems feature nine EQ filter models, six tailored for vocal applications and three specifically for instrument use.  XD-V55 bodypack systems have three selectable vocal EQ filter models, while the XD-V35 systems offer a single voice-optimized model.

Line 6 XD-V75 digital wireless micLine 6 XD-V75 digital wireless micXD-V series digital wireless systems are incredibly easy to operate. Simply choose a channel on the transmitter and receiver and they lock together automatically.  No need for RF tuning or intermodulation calculators.

With a wide range of systems and configuration options, XD-V series digital wireless systems from Line 6 are the perfect solution for professional vocalists and active performers.

XD-V75 family features: 14 channels; 300-foot range, 1/2U rack receiver with built-in antenna distribution system; heavy-duty metal chassis; rackmount kit.

XD-V55 family features: 12 channels, 300-foot range; 1/2U desktop receiver with externally mounted antennas; heavy-duty metal chassis.

XD-V35 family features: 6 channels; 275-foot range (Note: actual range will depend on RF interference sources nearby including, line-of-site obstacles); desktop receiver with internally mounted antennas; metal and polycarbonate chassis.

XD-V digital wireless microphone systems are available now. For more information, please visit http://line6.com/xd-v75, http://line6.com/xd-v55 or http://line6.com/xd-v35


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