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The Music Producers Guild Awards 2013

Deadline extended to Friday 12th October

Press Release: Calling all record producers, engineers, remixers and mastering engineers – have you nominated yourself for a 2013 Music Producers Guild Award? If not, what are you waiting for?

mpg2013.jpegThe Music Producers Guild Awards 2013

If you aren’t in it, you can’t win it – and surely hoping someone else might nominate you is much too risky if it means you could miss out on the chance to take home a fantastic award.

The Music Producers Guild Awards fly the flag for the talent and creative achievements of the UK’s top producers, engineers, remixers and mastering engineers. Now in its fifth year, the Awards will take place on February 7th, 2013 at the Café De Paris in London. As in previous years, the winner of the MPG Producer of the Year category will automatically win a BRIT Award for Best Producer.

This year the MPG is really keen to see nominations from everyone who qualifies. In previous years many exceptional people have missed out simply because they didn’t get their nominations into the system. Nominating is easy – all it involves is filling in a very simple online form at www.mpgawards.com. Everyone can be part of this process as the nominations are open to anyone. There is no bar on nominating yourself and the Music Producers Guild is actively encouraging producers and engineers to do this.

Since 2009, 76 different producers, engineers and remixers have been shortlisted for MPG Awards and together they hold 80 GRAMMY Awards, indicating that their impact on the music business is not just a UK phenomenon. The 12 individuals who have been shortlisted for the MPG’s Producer of the Year Award since 2009 have, between them, been responsible for 100 Top 10 UK albums and 50 Top 10 UK singles, while the four winners have produced a total of 17 international artists and 32 UK artists.

The MPG Awards 2013 offer plenty of opportunities to win as there are now 17 Awards available. 

The full list of awards categories is as follows:

  • UK Producer of the Year
  • International Producer of the Year
  • Breakthrough Producer of the Year
  • Recording Engineer of the Year
  • International Recording Engineer of the Year 
  • Breakthrough Engineer of the Year
  • Mix Engineer of the Year
  • Mastering Engineer of the Year
  • Re-mixer of the Year 
  • UK Album of the Year 
  • UK Single Song Release of the Year
  • Live Production of the Year
  • Studio of the Year
  • The A&R Award
  • The Unsung Hero Award
  • The Joe Meek Legacy Award
  • Outstanding Contribution to UK Music

If you qualify for any of these awards — and qualifying criteria is clearly stated on line – don’t wait for someone else to nominate you. Get on line now at www.mpgawards.com and make sure you are in the running.

Update: Deadline extended (05/10/2012)

The deadline for nominations for the 2013 MPG Awards has been extended until Friday 12th October!

You have just one more week to submit your nominations and make sure that the UK's best production talents are in with a chance of being recognised at the MPG Awards 2013.

Nominating is free and easy to do. Complete a simple registration process on our website and you're away! 

We're looking for the best producers, engineers, mixers and remixers on music projects between 31st July 2011 and 1st August 2012. There are also awards for the best live production, album and single song release in the qualifying period.

And we'd love to hear your nominations for our brand new award for the UK's top A&Rs!

All commercial UK studios are invited to enter themselves for the Studio of the Year award,

and this year the entry process gives studio managers the chance to tell the voters about their achievements over the past year.

All nominations and entries are put forward to the voting panel, who are the Full Members of the MPG. But remember, if someone doesn't have a nomination, or a studio isn't entered,

they can't be shortlisted for the awards.

Let's make sure that we're celebrating the most deserving talents, music and recording studios at the MPG Awards 2013.


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