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Modular studio furniture system from Buso Audio

New system puts all your rack units within arms reach

Buso Audio Modular Two PlusBuso Audio Modular Two PlusBuso Audio have an innovative approach to accommodating the hybrid analogue and digital workflow of today’s studios. Instead of having racks of gear that are hard to reach, Buso’s furniture puts the front panels of all your rack units at a comfortable working height and also gives you space for your monitor, keyboard and mouse. The system also allows you to configure, expand or split the desks depending on how you work. More information from Buso Audio follows:

Press Release: Most people are using a digital audio workstation these days. Luckily analogue gear is here to stay. People then create hybrid studio systems that take the best of both worlds. We at Buso Audio think that the studio desk, an important part of the studio has to conform with the way people use their gear. We've seen guys using a slab of marble on the pots of a big analog mixing desk as a mouse pad - the desk had no armrest of course for a mouse and keyboard. Screen placement is almost always a problem. We also hate that if you buy more gear and your desk is out of rack space, you need to buy a new desk. To solve these and many other problems we've come up with the Modular System.

You have Units and side panels. Units are the elements each desk consists of. Each Unit hosts up to 13U rack space or 7U rack space with a monitor holder. Side panels are for enclosing the Units at both ends of your desk. Different accessories like flat surfaces or 45° Joints can be added to your desk for deeper customization. If you run out of space you buy a new Unit and you have 13U rack space without the need to purchase a new desk, or a rack container. Our website has a couple of combinations that we (actually our customers) though of - but this is just the tip of the iceberg. And anyway, who are we to tell you what you need?

Other desks on the market are often built from MDF panels and metal. We at Buso Audio think that those materials have no place in the studio. Wood is what makes things personal, gives the warmth, durability and love. This is why each of our desks and accessories are made from high quality beech wood with special care, by hand. Each desk part and accessory is assembled and tested to make sure that everything fits perfectly.

Pricing ranges from €899 to €1799 and there are several different models available. See the Buso Audio website for more information.



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