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AES 2013: Kaotica Eyeball

Microphone isolator

One very common hurdle in the home studio is overcoming poor room acoustics when recording. Several DIY options have been presented in the pages of SOS over the years, including using acoustic foam on walls, and hanging heavy blankets and duvets to create makeshift vocal booths. Manufacturers such as SE Electronics also provide ready-made systems like the popular Reflection Filter range of portable vocal booths. 

However, Canadian company Kaotica have come up with a new concept called the Eyeball. The Eyeball is a ball made from custom-formulated foam that fits around a vocal microphone. The ball has a hole at the front into which a circular pop filter fits.

It is designed to reduce the unwanted off-axis sound of a poorly treated room and channel the voice into the microphone. A useful side-effect of having a hole at the front is that room reflections from behind the singer are blocked by the singer's head.

A hole at the bottom of the Eyeball stretches to accommodate mics with body diameters between 1.5 and 2.75 inches. Konrad Zukowski, inventor of the Eyeball, claims that using his system does not add any colour to the sound of your microphone either.

The Kaotica Eyeball is available now for $199.



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