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Thumbnail for article: Musikmesse 2014: Bitwig Studio


Musikmesse 2014: Bitwig Studio

Next-generation Digital Audio Workstation

Bitwig Studio is the long‑awaited first release from Berlin‑based Bitwig, a company formed in 2009 by four former...

Thumbnail for article: Prism Sound unveil Lyra audio interfaces


Prism Sound unveil Lyra audio interfaces

Hugh Robjohns' exclusive online sneak preview coming this month!

Thumbnail for article: Universal Audio announce UAD-2 Octo DSP Accelerator


Universal Audio announce UAD-2 Octo DSP Accelerator

New 'custom' & 'ultimate' UAD plug-in software bundles & revised pricing

Thumbnail for article: Musikmesse 2012: Avid Pro Tools Express (Video)


Musikmesse 2012: Avid Pro Tools Express (Video)

Cutdown version of the DAW now shipping with Mbox interfaces

Thumbnail for article: NAMM 2012: Wavemachine Labs Auria (Video)


NAMM 2012: Wavemachine Labs Auria (Video)

48-track DAW for iPad 2


SADiE Does Software Too

Native editing packages announced

Ever since their introduction in the early ’90s, SADiE editing systems have been particularly popular in broadcast and post-production houses. Among the big-name users of the hardware-based systems are the BBC, who famously use SADiE for much of their audio design work: the broadcasting stalwarts currently run over a thousand...


Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP

Latest Firewire interface tricked out

A second version of the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 audio interface, which was launched at LIMS, has been announced. As its name suggests, the Saffire Pro 24 DSP features on-board Digital Signal Processing circuitry that runs “latency free” dynamics processing and reverb algorithms. This gives the user the option to apply...


Apogee One

Their most affordable interface yet!

Apogee are best known for their range of high-end A-D/D-A converters and audio interfaces that are used in some of the world’s top recording studios. But recently they’ve been launching products at the ‘keen amateur’ end of the market, offering products such as the Duet, which offers the Apogee sound...


Metric Halo ULN8

Rock-steady & road-ready

The ULN8 is the latest addition to Metric Halo’s range of audio interfaces. Building on the success of the ULN2 and Mobile I/O — considered some of the most stable and highly specified audio interfaces for use in the studio and on the road — the new model looks like...


LIMS 2009: Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 (Video)

Audio Interface

Joining Focusrite’s Saffire range of Firewire audio interfaces is the Pro 24, a half-rack device designed with mobile musicians and home studio users in mind. It has a total of 14 inputs, including two Focusrite mic preamps that can also accept instrument signals, and a single ADAT optical input, which...


LIMS 2009: EDIROL V-Studio 100

UK debut at London International Music Show

EDIROL are set to show the compact yet fully-featured V-Studio 100 for the first time in the UK. At the London International Music Show (LIMS) 11-14 June 2009, EDIROL will be presenting the latest addition to the Virtual Studio range – V-Studio 100. This compact desktop...


RME M-series & Fireface UC

Latest audio interfaces from RME

RME have launched a number of new products that will appeal to users at each end of the audio interface market. Let’s start with the high-end announcements: The M-series comprises four products that provide analogue connectivity to Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface (MADI) systems, which are capable of carrying up to 64...


Frankfurt 2009: SSL MX4 (Video)

PCIe audio interface & DSP mixer

Another new product from SSL at the Frankfurt Musikmesse is MX4, a PCIe audio interface with built-in DSP mixer. It has 128 inputs and outputs, transmitted over the MADI protocol, and an on-board processing engine that enables the user to turn their computer into a complete SSL mixing console. Included...


Cakewalk UM & UA interfaces

MIDI & audio interfaces

Cakewalk, who were recently acquired by Roland after years of collaboration, have released four new portable USB devices branded ‘Cakewalk by Roland’. Interestingly, the new products a remarkably similar to the line of 'Edirol by Roland' portable audio and MIDI interfaces announced a number of years ago. Of the four new...


NAMM 2009: Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (Video)

Audio interface with Liquid preamps

Focusrite have announced their Liquid Saffire 56, the highest-spec unit in their range of audio interfaces for PCs and Macs. It has eight analogue inputs and outputs, two banks of ADAT optical inputs and outputs, plus S/PDIF connections, all of which can be used at the same time for a...


Apogee announce Pro Tools 8 compatibility

All X-HD devices approved for use with latest Pro Tools hardware & software

Audio Interface specialists Apogee have confirmed that all their X-HD devices are compatible with the latest version eight of Pro Tools. Among the approved audio interfaces are the Rosetta 200 and 800, as well as the AD16X and the DA16X. Users require Pro Tools 8 running on Mac OS v10.5.5...


Lexicon Ionix series

Audio interfaces cause a stir

New from Lexicon is the Ionix series of audio interfaces, which comprises four products that should appeal to DAW users of almost all levels and budgets. First off is the FW810S (£849), an eight-input, ten-output rackmountable Firewire device with a bit of a difference. On board, each input channel has...


Digidesign bolster 003 Rack

Eight mic preamps for Pro Tools LE interface

A new version of the 003 Rack, Digidesign’s audio interface for Pro Tools LE, has been announced. The 003 Rack+ features eight mic preamps, which is four more than the standard model. Also new is a front-panel DI input, so users can quickly patch their guitar or bass into the...


AES 2008: M-Audio ProFire 610 (Video)

Audio Interface

New from M-Audio is the Profire 610, a portable Firewire audio interface that offers some of the same features as the Profire 2626 (see the review in SOS September 2008 and on-line here). It has four analogue inputs, eight analogue outputs and S/PDIF in and out, enabling the...


AES 2008: Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (Video)

Firewire Audio Interface

The latest audio interface in Focusrite's Saffire range is the Pro 40, a 1U rackmountable device which uses the Firewire protocol to connect to the host computer. With eight of Focusrite's well-respected preamps built-in, the Pro 40 will be useful for those who want to record with...


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