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Thumbnail for article: Balanced Connections


Balanced Connections

Online dating site for sound engineers launched

Everyone knows that sound engineering can be a lonely pursuit, but a new online service called Balanced Connections...

Thumbnail for article: Hear your MIDI on a Realpiano


Hear your MIDI on a Realpiano re-record your MIDI on a Yamaha grand

Thumbnail for article: AtoZ Mics website launched


AtoZ Mics website launched

Offers comprehensive technical info on best-selling microphones


Future Copyright online protection service

Free service to take control of copyright from creation to license

Thumbnail for article: Sound Restoration for Music, Film, TV & Private collections


Sound Restoration for Music, Film, TV & Private collections

Vibe Studios introduce sound restoration services

Thumbnail for article: Online Music Mixing


Online Music Mixing

Get your tracks mixed by the pros!


Common ground

SoundCloud and Creative Commons announce partnership

Thumbnail for article: GainStudio service launched


GainStudio service launched

Studio management made easy!

Thumbnail for article: Un-mix your music!


Un-mix your music!

Audionamix claim successful mix separation


Amati Media studio booking service

Assistance for small to medium facilities

If you own a small to medium-sized studio and would like to spend more time producing and less time...


Amati launch booking service for studios

Assistance for small to medium studios

If you own a small to medium-sized studio and would like to spend more time producing and less time gathering clients...

Thumbnail for article: Facebook and Google announce music services


Facebook and Google announce music services

Internet giants take on Spotify

Popular social networking site Facebook and internet giants Google have announced plans to sell music via their web...

Thumbnail for article: Millennium Music demo day


Millennium Music demo day

Keyboard virtuoso at new technology store

If you’re normally stuck indoors at the weekend, sequencing your life away, why not take a trip to Nottingham on...

Thumbnail for article: XL Pro Systems update web site


XL Pro Systems update web site

DAW PC manufacturers revamp web system

UK-based DAW PC manufacturers XL Pro Systems have updated their web site, to make it quicker and easier to use. Apart...

Thumbnail for article: Studio Pros launch UK number


Studio Pros launch UK number

Customer service without the International call

California-based on-line recording session service Studio Pros have launched a UK phone line, so UK customers don...

Thumbnail for article: Blackbird Audio Rentals


Blackbird Audio Rentals

Rent with Blackbird Studios

The team at Blackbird Studios in Nashville have launched a rentals service web site, where anyone can hire equipment...

Thumbnail for article: Community service


Community service

Join Genelec’s on-line community

Louspeaker manufacturer Genelec have launched a new on-line community. The service has been set up for users to share...

Thumbnail for article: New UK retailer launches


New UK retailer launches

Camden Sounds

A new retailer has launched in the UK. Camden Sounds, a web-only enterprise is based in Camden, London. They offer a...


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