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Thumbnail for article: Pioneer launch performance sampler/sequencer with Dave Smith filters


Pioneer launch performance sampler/sequencer with Dave Smith filters

Could Toraiz SP-16 be the ultimate sampler?

In a surprise move, Pioneer DJ have launched a brand new sampler — Toraiz SP-16 — which is something of a "best of"...

Thumbnail for article: Pocket MPC: New iMPC for iPhone


Pocket MPC: New iMPC for iPhone

Akai Professional and Retronyms release smaller sampler

Sequencer view in Akai's iMPC for iPhoneSequencer view in Akai's iMPC for iPhoneWe rev

Thumbnail for article: UVI release Darklight IIX virtual instrument


UVI release Darklight IIX virtual instrument

Inspired by 80s digital sampling synthesizer Fairlight CMI

Press Release: Thanks to UVI, those distinctive sounds made famous by artists such as Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, David Bowie and others are all delivered in Darklight IIX – a brand new plugin inspired by the most mythical computer music instrument of the 80s.

Costing upwards of $100.000, this unique computer music instrument was unattainable by most and it remains a highly regarded and sought after instrument.

Thumbnail for article: Elektron release OS 1.2 update for Octatrack


Elektron release OS 1.2 update for Octatrack

Adds looper functionality for simple recording & overdubbing on the fly

Press Release: Elektron have released OS 1.2 for the Octatrack. This major OS update adds, among other things, the Pickup machines. Pickup machines make the Octatrack function as a looper. Record, overdub, loop, reverse, time stretch and pitch shift loops on the fly. Automatic sequencer to loop sync makes it easy to blend pre-programmed Octatrack patterns with recorded takes. Pickup machines are great tools for guitarists, beat boxers, DJs and in general anyone wanting to experiment with loops. 

Thumbnail for article: MOTU Ships MachFive 3.0 Universal Sampler


MOTU Ships MachFive 3.0 Universal Sampler

Major upgrade brings new sounds and signature instruments

MachFive 3.0MachFive 3.0Press Release: MOTU is now shipping MachFive 3.0

Thumbnail for article: Ivory II Grand Pianos now available


Ivory II Grand Pianos now available

77GB of Bösendorfer, Steinway and Yamaha samples

Software piano specialists Synthogy have just announced that Ivory II Grand Pianos, the successor to their acclaimed Ivory Grand Pianos pack, is now available. Like the original, Ivory II Grand Pianos comprises sample sets of three renowned instruments: a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial grand, a Steinway Model D nine-foot concert grand, and a Yamaha C7 grand.

Thumbnail for article: Le Freq, c’est chic!


Le Freq, c’est chic!

New effects for NI Kore

Native Instruments have just launched Deep Freq, a collection of effects for their Kore 2 and Kore Player sample engines. Based on algorithms found in Absynth, Guitar Rig and Reaktor, its purpose is to “fundamentally alter and reshape” sounds, so don’t expect subtlety!

Thumbnail for article: Boddy's beats


Boddy's beats

Beatalogue sample library launched

Musician and sound-mangler Ian Boddy has just released a new electronic-drum sample library. Beatalogue is a collection of percussion samples that have apparently been heavily processed using Ian’s impressive collection of synth modules, which includes modules from Analogue Systems, Metasonix, Roland, Moog and Doepfer, among others.

Thumbnail for article: Soniccouture 'buy one get one free' until Christmas


Soniccouture 'buy one get one free' until Christmas

Special offer from inventive samplesmiths

Sample specialists Soniccouture have announced a ‘buy one get one free’ offer on downloadable sample packs, which will be running until Christmas day. Soniccouture have received plenty of praise in the pages of SOS over the years for their inventive, high quality, sample-based instruments.

Thumbnail for article: Korg’s new wave


Korg’s new wave

Micro Sampler and Wave Drum announced

The Micro Korg synthesizer has become a common...

Thumbnail for article: Chris Hein Horns 3


Chris Hein Horns 3

Muted Brass sample pack

Chris Hein have announced Horns 3, a sample library dedicated to muted brass. The pack contains samples from a total of...

Thumbnail for article: EastWest Play Version 1.2


EastWest Play Version 1.2

New features & bug fixes

Sample library aficionados EastWest have updated their current generation audio engine, Play, to version 1.2. The...

Thumbnail for article: NAMM 2009: Akai MPC5000 v2.0 (Video)


NAMM 2009: Akai MPC5000 v2.0 (Video)

Software update brings new features

A software update for the Akai MPC5000 (which we reviewed in SOS December 2008, and...

Thumbnail for article: Tascam cease development of Gigastudio


Tascam cease development of Gigastudio

Support to continue until end of 2008

We can confirm that Tascam have ceased the development of their Gigastudio sample software platform. An official...

Thumbnail for article: Tascam Gigastudio 4


Tascam Gigastudio 4

Now available

We briefly mentioned the latest version of Tascam’s Gigastudio PC-based sampling software in a roundup of Tascam...

Thumbnail for article: Straight Outta NYC


Straight Outta NYC

Big Fish Audio make a break for the East Coast

Sample creators Big Fish Audio have released a new sample library dedicated to the sounds of East-coast hip hop....

Thumbnail for article: NAMM 2008: Akai MPC5000 (Video)


NAMM 2008: Akai MPC5000 (Video)

The legend continues

Sampling experts Akai announced the latest model in the MPC range of sampling workstations at the NAMM show back in...

Thumbnail for article: In action: Korg's M3


In action: Korg's M3

Check out the latest videos

If our review of the Korg M3 (in SOS July 2007 and online...

Thumbnail for article: Redmatica Keymap


Redmatica Keymap

Revolutionary sample editor released at NAMM

Italian company shake-up EXS24 sample editing

Thumbnail for article: SP606 Groovesampler from Roland


SP606 Groovesampler from Roland

Computer-friendly hardware sampling

Roland unveil the latest in its long line of SP-series ‘Groovesamplers’, the SP606.


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