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Emu SP1200 Looking for a Emu SP1200, please get in contact if you have one for sale.
  Email Sean (Lancashire, Uk) 13/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Arp 2600 tonus wanted , Your email is bouncing andrew , please phone.
  Phone 07790819520 or Email (Worthing) 12/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Dynaudio BM6A mk1 Replacement Dynaudio BM6a mk1 (either full speaker or just circuit board) required after mine went on the fritz. Based in London but can collect from nearby.
  Email fross (London) 12/10/15 (About the advertiser)
ARP 2600 cash waiting for the right one.
  Email (Worthing) 12/10/15 (About the advertiser)
MFB 503 After an MPB 503, must be in mint or near mint conditions. Cheers.
  Email (Forest, Guernsey) 10/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland Super Jupiter MKS80 Looking for a revision 4, in perfect working order. I only need the unit, not the programmer. Paypal transaction only - unless you live in Bristol, then I can collect for cash. Cheers.
  Email Jake (Bristol) 09/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Fostex X28H I'm looking for one of these in very good condition. I'm prepared to pay a fair price for it. If you have one and don't want to sell it would you be prepared to rent it to me for a week or so?.
  Email (Northampton, Northamptonshire) 09/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Cwejman Eurorack WANTED! Any Cwejman Eurorack modules at all! Just tell me what you have, most likely I will be happy to take them off your hands. Also interested in Cwejman S1, mk1 or mk2. Just get in touch via email please, I'm a serious buyer. UK or EU. Thanks.
  Email (Hackney) 07/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Tascam MM-200 looking for a reasonable condition and fully working mm-200 rack mount mixer.
  Phone paul 07931491866 or Email (Sheffield, Yorks) 05/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Clavia Nord nordlead one rack wanted.
  Email (Bournemouth, Dorset) 05/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Complete Studios WANTED NOW! We can offer Best Cash Prices for your Complete Studio today. CONTACT US NOW! All Studio Equipment Wanted! For more info search: sound-generation.
  Phone 01784 483944 or Email (London) Trade 05/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Editors Keys Logic Pro X Keyboard Must be excellent condition. Magma keyboard overlay also considered.
  Email (Exeter, Devon) 05/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha YME8 8 way midi thru box expander wanted.
  Email Scott (Arbroath) 02/10/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland M120 Roland M120 1u line mixer wanted.
  Email Scott (Arbroath) 02/10/15 (About the advertiser)
RME ADI2-2 AD converter wanted.
  Email Scott (Arbroath) 01/10/15 (About the advertiser)
iZ Technology RADAR 24 in full working order. Must include (at least) the "Classic" analogue I/O card. UK collection.
  Phone Stephen 01445 712462 or Email (Gairloch) 28/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Kurzweil Midiboard Looking for one of these, ideally located within 200 miles of London.
  Email (London) 25/09/15 (About the advertiser)
M-AUDIO MIDISPORT 8x8/S Midi/SMPTE interface wanted. Please email me with your price. Must be working.
  Phone Al 07962470703 or Email (Bury, Lancashire) 24/09/15 (About the advertiser)
All Synthesizers and Keyboards WANTED We can offer best cash prices for all your Synthesizers, Modules and Keyboards today. CONTACT US NOW!! For more info search: sound-generation.
  Phone 01784 483944 or Email (London) Trade 22/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Nord Lead 4 Rack I have a Nord Lead 4 keyboard that I'd like to swap for a rack version.
  Email (London) 21/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Akai MPC 2500/1000 Looking for a MPC drum machine. Cash waiting at the right price or i have a few vintage microphones that i can trade. (AKG D12, D12E, Telefunken 421, AKG 414,b-uls ect).
  Phone 07801756573 or Email (London) 21/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland Jupiter 8 Any condition or state of repair considered. Can pay a fair price but nothing astronomical.
  Email (Leeds) 21/09/15 (About the advertiser)
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