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dB25 male to db25 male,1.5m. Van damme Studio grade cable. Metal (silver) Dsub covers. Pin to pin wired( Tascam DA88 spec) New. 2 available. Contact for more details/photos.
£55.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Mic lead, 0.5m. Male to Female to Female XLR wired with silicon prep. on the screen. please contact for different lengths and different connectors. 1m - £11.
£10.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Van damme Neutrik - DB25 male/f  to 8x  TRS/XLR analogue I/O loom. 1.5m. Tascam DA88 spec. 30/50cm pliosiled tails, brady numbered under clear heat shrink. New.
£72.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
EDAC , DL Custom spec looms orderes under taken  Contact for very competitive quotation.
£20/h.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
LP, K&M & Z-Bar Mic Clamps 1 x LP Claw, 1 x K&M Clamp, 2 x Z-Bar on offer. For those who like a neat stage free of mic stands!.
£50(w/p&p.  Phone 07590080310 or Email (Reading) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Studio Audio , Video Wireman , available.  XLR Mic lead, Instrument (Guitar) Jack lead, Left & Right splitter lead, Speaker cables, Multi core and Multi pin looms, Panel wiring, Patchbay wiring, HDMI, VGA, SVHS, Cat5(RJ45), USB, RS422,DMX, Mains distribution box build, C-Form cables..etc.
£20/h.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 26/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign Digilink cable For Pro Tools TDM interfaces. Fully working. Photos.
£25.  Email (Keighley) 24/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Sony Video camera cable Multipin to mini multi pin works with Sony, Panasonic and mitsubishi Video cameras. Fully working. Photos.
£20.  Email (Keighley) 24/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Not applicable Rack flight case 17U Good condition, solid rack flight case for 19" gear, 17U, on castors. Front and rear rack strip, front and rear doors can be removed. Dimensions, no doors, H 94.1cm, Width 52.5cm, depth 52 cm. with doors on depth is 66.5 cm. Some tarnish on cnr fittings and parts of rack strip.
£60.00.  Phone Mike 07957 548 631 or Email (Eastbourne) 24/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Bose 802 Mk2 Pair of Loudspeaker cabinets including crossover, grill, port guides and covers but without drivers. (drivers are £140 per cab on ebay). Photos.
£100.  Phone paul 07901730624 or Email (Keighley) 24/11/14 (About the advertiser)
3M Scusi cable and 'end of line' terminator. suitable for Akai, E-mu, Roland samplers. Photos.
£10.  Phone paul 07901730624 or Email (Keighley) 24/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Gator GR3S 3 unit shallow rack , first class condition.
£70 ono.  Phone 07909596402 (Congleton, Cheshire) 20/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Avid mini digi lead Avid 25' Mini digi lead, bought by mistake ,i needed a larger digi lead ,i presume this is for the newer Io HdX maybe ?.
£50.  Phone Starsky 01208841615 or Email (Bodmin) 18/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Neutrik / Studiospares 4x 48-way 1/4" jack patchbays 4x used patchbays, all 48-way (24 front/24 rear) 1/4" jack; all can be wired for full/half-normal/isolated without soldering. 2x Neutrik NYS- SPP-L1 (£40 ea) and 2x Studiospares Enhanced Patchbays (£30 ea). If you buy all 4 as a job lot, I will include free UK postage.
£140.  Phone 07941 688918 or Email (Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire) 17/11/14 (About the advertiser)
BAE / Brent Averill 500 Series 11-rack & 6-lunchbox 1x BAE 11-slot 500 3U rack unit, 1x BAE 6-slot 500 lunchbox & BAE large PSU (twin output, +48v phantom power). Ideal package for a 500series installation in the studio rack, plus handy portable rig for using modules out on location without having to unpatch. Heavy-duty, sturdy steel chassis (not aluminium) and hand- wired construction on individual connectors (no PCBs).
£700.  Phone 07941 688918 or Email (Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire) 17/11/14 (About the advertiser)
StudioSpares 12U 19inch Rack Cabinet Beech 12U 19 inch equipment rack finished in beech purchased from Studio Spares with short approx 4inch Ikea stainless steel cabinet legs (can be removed). Dimensions: H 58cm x D 45cm x W 52.5cm. Originally cost £140. VGC, normal wear and tear. Collect from central London WC1.
£35.  Email (London) 11/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Gator 6U Rack Case 2 available in excellent condition, never gigged just used in a home studio. 2 other none branded 6U rack cases available in the same condition, £40 each.
£50 each.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 10/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Rhino 20u Shockmount Sleeved Rackmount Case Flight In new condition, used in a none smoking home studio, costs £215 from the Flightcase Warehouse, so save yourself over half the price.
£100.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 10/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Quiklok QL 623 Triple tier keyboard stand. Quiklok 3 tier Heavy duty keyboard stand. Excellent cond. Prefer buyer collects due to large size, hence low price. Will negotiate if delivery reqd.
£25.  Email (Notts) 03/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Van Damme XLR Balanced cable (blue) 1 metre long Male to Female New Each.
£10.  Email (Netherlands) 03/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Atacama SL1000 Atacama 1000 Speaker stands. 1m tall. 4 column, spiked feet. Sand filled. Mint condition. Cost £200+ Prefer buyer collects due to extreme weight, hence low price.
£50.00.  Email (Notts) 03/11/14 (About the advertiser)
Roland PJ-1 1/4' Right angle Jack to Phono OFC cable 2.5 metre. 17 available £3 each.
£3.  Email (Netherlands) 03/11/14 (About the advertiser)
SE Electronics SE Microphone Stand 1 Selling the heavy duty Microphone stand 1 often used with the reflexion filter. These things cost £290 new, pickup would be preferable in Earlsfield, London.
£150.  Email (London) 01/11/14 (About the advertiser)
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