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Korg Minipops 7 Vintage drum machine, excellent condition!.
£395.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 30/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest excellent condition and hardly used, just way too advanced and deep for my needs. Latest OS. Happy to ship UK & Europe.
£980.  Email (Cornwall) 28/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland TR-808 Absolutely mint condition, no scratchy pots, complete with UK plug and original plastic overlay. Reluctant sale.
£2200.  Email (Slough) 27/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland TR-909 Mint condition, no scratchy pots, all original. Comes with matching plug. Reluctant sale.
£2000.  Email (Slough) 27/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Simmons SDS 8 Vintage drum brain, near Mint condition. Pics available.
£345.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 27/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Vermona DRM1 MK3 Nice analogue drum machine, excellent condition.
£375.  Email (Faversham, Kent) 26/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Sequential Drumtraks Classic drum machine, old but working. Also,1 spare sound rom that I've not used. Takes US power (120v).
£475.  Email (Faversham, Kent) 26/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Dave Smith Tempest Mint condition sold with box, manual and power lead. Fully updated.
£1250.  Phone 07860 404139 or Email (London) 24/05/16 (About the advertiser)
MFB Tanzbar Mint condition sold with box, manuals and power lead. Hardly used.
£500.  Phone 07860 404139 or Email (London) 24/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Casio DZ-1 MIDI Drum Translator Converts triggered hits for piezos or other sources into midi. Very well looked after and fully working.
£50.  Email (E Sussex) 24/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland TR 8 - 7x7 Mint condition boxed as new with 7x7 upgrade. Postage included & pics available.
£335ono.  Phone 07966492673 or Email (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) 23/05/16 (About the advertiser)
DSI Tempest Great machine, in nice condition. Latest OS. Comes with PSU, no manual or box. UK only please.
£1000ono.  Email (London) 23/05/16 (About the advertiser)
ddrum PRO-TRIGGERS Six piece set of triggers 3 x toms 1 x kick and 2 x snares. As new mint boxed completely unmarked. Used on 1 project then put back into box. Cost £199:00 new Selling V cheap to ensure quick sale. NO offers. No longer needed, hence sale.
£100+post.  Phone Ewan 01943 462253 or Email (Otley) 23/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Alesis DM5 Drum Module Controller - Excellent Condition - full working order - includes original manuals and power adapter.
£75.  Phone 07984 306812 or Email (Keighley) 20/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Acidlab Miami Analogue TR808 clone, excellent condition. Photos on request.
£550.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 18/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Vermona Kick Lancet Analogue kick drum synth in excellent condition. Knob for every parameter, so no menu diving like on the MBase. With PSU and Manual.
£120.  Email (Whitley Bay) 17/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland SPD-S I have for sale a Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad. The pad is in good condition and has been fully checked and working. Included with the sale is the mounting plate and power supply. I will consider SENSIBLE offers on the pad. This is a great sampling pad and for this price you cant go wrong.
£300.  Phone Robert Hoffman 0121 333 3201 or Email (Birmingham, West midlands) 13/05/16 (About the advertiser)
roland sbx-10 ( linn drum compatible ) very rare sync box extremely useful one of the few boxes to sync linn drum also the usual 24 sync and lots of other rare sync rates its in fully working order and good cosmetic condition with only a couple of small marks south london or i can send well wrapped by post £150.
£150.  Phone rfaber 07958246522 or Email (London) 10/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Minipops 7 Vintage drum machine, very good condition!.
£415.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 09/05/16 (About the advertiser)
MFB Kult drum module/machine Incredibly rare, quirky little drum unit, the Kult contains 192 Sounds from many famous drum machines from the 80's. Sounds including Dr55, Casio PT-68, CR-78, CR-8000, Drumtraks, Drumulator, DDD1, 220, KPR-77, Linn 1, Rhythm-Ace, Simmons Claptrap, SDS, TR-606, TR-727, TR-808, TR-909. Control of Attack, Release, Volume and Pan for each sound. No manual or PSU but these are available online.
£150.  Phone Martin Swan 07581005564 or Email (St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex) 09/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha RY30 Superb condition, happy to ship EU. Superb sound, no issues, has the ability to pitch bend percussion. Full working order.
£350.  Phone John 447985444832 or Email (Manchester, Other) 09/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Jomox Xbase 999 TOP condition (still has the screen protector o) kept in smoke free studio have all packaging and literature the item was shipped with.
£800.  Email Campbell Smith (Bristol) 05/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha RS7000 Fully upgraded ram, IO board with spdif, 6 Analog outputs,Smart media cards, midi and audio leads, classic sequencer perhaps the best. One loose knob everything works great.
£700.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha RY30 RY30 , part working order with audio leads, pads need cleaning order over haul, LDC line 1 not working , still works just fine with a midi keyboard or pads etc. all buttons, card slot etc good. PSU included.
£225.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
KORG EM-1 Had FX switch replaced and knob missing for fx selector , good working order , includes PSU , Midi lead and audio leads , Boxed.
£175.  Phone len 0786 539 9124 or Email (Waltham Abbey , Essex) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Jomox Airbase 99 Fully working, excellent cosmetic condition. Latest OS, and includes Jazbase eproms (untested). Pick up from Central London possible.
£400.  Email (Faversham) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
Soundmaster SR-88 Memory rythm boxed as new superb condition ! Fully working basically a Roland Dr55 clone with some variation of tone pictures on request a collectors item can post anywhere.
£125.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 03/05/16 (About the advertiser)
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