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Focusrite ISA 220 This must rate as one of the best complete front ends available. Focusrite ISA 220 with digital card installed.
£600.  Email DAVE (Bristol, Avon) 23/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Neve 1073 Very good condition. Hardly used. Boxed.
£1400.  Phone Brian 07940737644 or Email (Derby) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Brent Averill/BAE 312A 500 Series Modules (4) These mic pre/DI modules are in mint condition. They are the same as the model BAE sells now with the Avedis 1122 opamp, but they have the old style faceplates with the "Brent Averill Enterprises" logo and silver knob. Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping if applicable.
£325 each.  Email (London) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Cartec Pre-Q5 Excellent 500 series Preamp/EQ. As new.
£450 ono.  Email (London) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Amek Neve 9098 Mic pre /parametric EQ Neve designed channel from the 9098 desk. Neve trademark 'glow' and 'sheen' and the classic Neve high and low filters. 2 units for sale fully working and in very good condition. Photos. price per unit.
£900.  Email (Keighley) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite ISA220 producer pack great condition, fully working and owned from new, this ISA220, mic pre eq and compressor has plenty if life left in it and sounds fantastic still. I believe they are not made anymore, and are increasingly hard to find.. Great review from SOS here : a220.asp.
£550 ono.  Phone joe 07823339303 or Email (Cardiff) 16/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite Voice Master Pro Awesome voice channel excellent condition. Others selling for £300 +. I'm selling cheaper.
£230.  Phone 07872 189015 or Email (Leeds, West Yorkshire) 11/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Avalon M5 In excellent condition, used in a none smoking home studio.
£800.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 08/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Manley VoxBox In excellent condition used in a none smoking home studio.
£1900.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 08/09/14 (About the advertiser)
STUDER 169 channel in 19" rack with PSU. High quality vintage mic / line preamp with lovely warm and rich sounding EQ - beautiful silky highs ! It has been professionally racked and re-capped. It sounds great on virtually any source but is really exceptional on acoustic instruments and vocals. I have two matching units available. Price £500 each. Call 07808610770.
£500.  Email (London) 03/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Aurora GTQ2 mk2 Early version of this dual mic preamp in nice condition. Email for details/photos etc. £1300.
£1300.  Phone matt 01302 769676 or Email (Doncaster, South yorks) 03/09/14 (About the advertiser)
TL Audio EQ1 original (not re-issue) 2 channels of valve mic/line pre and parametric EQ. Unavailable for many years. Limited re-issue is also long extinct. Rare unit with lovely warm sound.
£1000.  Email (Keighley) 01/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Summit Audio TPA200B Dual channel valve mic pre amp with overdrive. Lovely warm sound. Fully working and in lovely condition. With manual and mains cable. Photos.
£1200.  Email (Keighley) 01/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Summit Audio MPE200 Element 78 Dual channel mic pre and parametric EQ designed by Rupert Neve. No-longer available. I have had this unit from new and still in mint condition. Manual included. Photos.
£2600.  Email (Keighley) 01/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite Voicemaster Pro VGC. Class-A preamp, optical expander, vintage harmonics, optical compressor, tube sound simulation, voice optimised EQ, de-esser, xero-latency monitoring.
£125.  Email (Tunbridge Wells) 29/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Avalon V5 Avalon V5 Mint, sparse studio use. Lovely warm tone, great for vox, bass and gtr. Bought in Feb, cost £750 new.
£400.  Email (Tunbridge Wells) 29/08/14 (About the advertiser)
TL Audio 5051 Mono Tube Voice Processor. Have two of these, Great condition, great sound, updating so they need a new home. £250 each or £400 pair.
£250.  Phone 07429012940 or Email (Dunstable, Beds) 29/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Universal Audio LA-610 mk 2 tube Brand new, only tested never actually used orig box manual. ideal front-end for tracking with modern DAW’s. Based on Legendary Bill Putnam 610 Tube Mic Pre and EQ Used on Countless Classic Recordings Authentic Teletronix LA-2A- style T4 Opto-Compressor Complete vintage channel-strip. Mic Pre with Gain and Level controls, for recording tone “colour” £1300 new.
£799 Ono.  Email (Aberdeen) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
LaChapell Audio LaChapell 583s Tube Preamp I'm selling 2 basically brand new LaChapell 583s Preamps for 575 each. They were bought for a studio that never opened and have only been used to test after purchase. I'm also selling 2 unused shadow hills mono gamas(475 each), 2 radial workhorse powerhouses(495 each) & a Radial Komit (275).
£575.  Email Jamie (Redditch, Worcestershire) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
ART Tubeopto 8 ART Tubeopto 8. In excellent condition. £250 ono plus postage.
£250.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Audient Black Rack Audient black rack (10 space) with 2, pre, 2 EQ and 2 comp, four empty spaces that have been fitted to accept API 500 series (with a spare external word clock that can be swapped out for any of the other units).
£1400.  Phone Pete 07540067375 or Email (Coventry) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Shadow Hills Mono Gama 500 series Preamp I have 2 practically brand new Mono Gamas for sale. They were bought for a studio that never opened and so only have a couple min of use while testing them after purchase. They're in perfect condition and are being sold for 475 each. I also have 2 radial workhorse powerhouse racks & 2 LaChapell 583s modules for 575 each.
£475.  Email Jamie (Redditch, Worcestershire) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
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