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Golden Age Music Project Pre 73 Mk II Single channel Neve style mic pre. DI for guitar/bass, phase switch, line insert, 80db gain, impedance switch, XLR & TRS connections. Still with all boxes/packaging/manuals etc. Excellent condition.
£200.  Email Vincent (Borehamwood) 16/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Warm Audio WA12 Single channel API style mic pre. Phantom power, Hi z DI for guitar/bass etc, phase switch, impedence (tone) switch, pad, 71db gain. A few months old, still with all boxes etc and in excellent condition. Only selling because I want to get something 2 channels in one box.
£300.  Email Vincent (Borehamwood) 16/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Presonus RC 500 As new, only five months old. Unboxed but with all manuals etc. Open to offers/ exchange.
£520.  Email STEVE (LONDON) 16/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Manley Vox Box In beautiful condition, used in a none smoking home studio.
£1900.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 14/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite ISA One Preamp Unused, in original box. Won in competition. Only opened up once for testing.
£300.00.  Email (London) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Phoenix Audio Drs q4 Dual channel pre and EQ. Great condition. I need a quick sale as I'm having a clear out. Buyer welcome to collect and demo from Kings cross or I can post. Shaun who makes these units has impeccable customer service and they sound great.
£900.  Email (London) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
TL Audio 5051 mk1 valve voice channel. home use only, great condition.
£250.  Phone 07733117408 (Brighton, East Sussex) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Drawmer dl221 industry standard compressor, what can i say, fantastic on everything. great condition for age.
£120.  Phone 07733117408 (Brighton, East Sussex) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
TL Audio EQ1 original (not re-issue) Dual channel Valve mic pre amp and parametric eq. Re-released on limited run due to demand. This is the original (pale blue) issue and now rare and sought after. Lovely fat sound. Fully working and in mint condition with manual. Photos.
£900.  Email (Keighley) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Summit Audio Element 78 ME200 Dual channel mic pre/ parametric EQ can be split into 2 separate dual channel processors. Memory recall on all settings. Mastering quality. Fully working, mint. Photos.
£3500.  Email (Keighley) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Millennia Origin STT-1 The rolls royce of channel strips. You can switch between transformer-less Vacuum Tube valves & Solid State paths, along the PRE / DI, EQ and Compressor. Covers a rich tonal palette, akin to the GML, Manley, Sontec league. Made in California, rare to see them in the UK. Brand new KMR: £2795.
£1795.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
M Audio Octane Good quality, useful 8 chan preamp box. Includes ADAT out at switchable sample rate, Dir Out and Line In, 2 DIs, M/S decoding, +48 in 2 x 4 chan groups. rack scuffs but good working order. Reasonable offers considered.
£250.  Email (Isle of Skye) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Mackie Onyx 800R 8 channel Preamp 1u Great way to add 8 clean preamps to your setup. Choice of outputs. SOS review is worth a read.
£175.  Email (London, UK) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Cartec Pre-Q5 Excellent 500 series Preamp/EQ. As new. Bargain.
£325 ono.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
DAV BG1 2 channel Mic / line Preamp, excellent condition.
£399.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Crane song / Dave Hill Europa 1 unique mic pre, boxed, brand new!.
£850.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Aurora GTQ2 mk2 Early version of this dual mic preamp in nice condition. Email for details/photos etc.
£1300.  Phone matt 01302 769676 or Email (Doncaster, South yorks) 07/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite Green 2 2 channel 1u Mic pre pair, awesome brutal truth… neutral, clean, wide bandwidth, no fuss… just quality.
£200.  Phone Max 07582 567659 or Email (Wallingford) 01/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Avalon V5 As new. Less than 2 hours use.
£350.  Email (Tunbridge Wells) 01/10/14 (About the advertiser)
TFPro P10 Dual mic pre,eq, 4 selectable compression modes, variable phase. One stop high end stereo recording channel. Pics available.
£950.  Phone 01326 319293 or Email (Falmouth, Cornwall) 29/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Chandler PSU-1 mk1 Dual power supply for Chandler outboard. Good condition, no issues. Studio clearout.
£180.  Phone Fabrizio 07427327310 or Email (Oldcotes) 29/09/14 (About the advertiser)
TC Electronic Finaliser 96K Mastering Processor, EQ, compressor, Limiter etc. Very comprehensive spec. Excellent condition, light home studio use only. Studio clearout.
£425.  Phone Fabrizio 07427327310 or Email (Oldcotes) 29/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite Voicemaster Pro Class-A preamp, Optical expander, Vintage Harmonics, Optical compressor, Tube sim, Voice optomised EQ, De-esser, Zero- latency monitoring. Mint.
£200.  Email (Tunbridge Wells) 28/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Demeter VTMP-2C great condition, stereo tube compressor with DI. Latest model to date! Check KMR Audio for specs.
£995.  Email (London) 25/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite ISA 220 This must rate as one of the best complete front ends available. Focusrite ISA 220 with digital card installed.
£600.  Email DAVE (Bristol, Avon) 23/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Neve 1073 Very good condition. Hardly used. Boxed.
£1400.  Phone Brian 07940737644 or Email (Derby) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Brent Averill/BAE 312A 500 Series Modules (4) These mic pre/DI modules are in mint condition. They are the same as the model BAE sells now with the Avedis 1122 opamp, but they have the old style faceplates with the "Brent Averill Enterprises" logo and silver knob. Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping if applicable.
£325 each.  Email (London) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
Amek Neve 9098 Mic pre /parametric EQ Neve designed channel from the 9098 desk. Neve trademark 'glow' and 'sheen' and the classic Neve high and low filters. 2 units for sale fully working and in very good condition. Photos. price per unit.
£900.  Email (Keighley) 22/09/14 (About the advertiser)
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