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Atari ST Computer, Monitor, Many Extras, professionally upgraded to 4MB, top of range SM144 Hi-Res monitor, high quality mouse, Steinberg Midex midi expander for additional 2in 4output midi connections, Cubase 3.01 with dongle, squirrel high quality hard drive with Link-2 connection, everything you need for trouble free rock solid 80 output 48 input midi channel recording, excellent condition, can demo for buyer. Lots- of-equipment- for-the-money-so-NO- offers,.
£300.  Phone 01482 345494 (Hull) 28/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Commodore Amiga 1200 CFHD, 2 meg fast ram, DVI output, Kickstart 3.1 roms, excellent unyellowed condition, boxed, manuals etc., classic old school machine.
£245.  Email (Manchester) 26/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple Mac Mini mid 2011 OSX/W7 Upgraded Mac with music software. Dual boot OSX Lion (upgradeable) and W7. 2.5 i5, 500GB, 8gbRAM, ATI Graphics. Immaculate, boxed as new. Mac has Pro Tools 9 (licence required), Lexicon and Waves. Windows has Wavelab +Waves + more. Can be restored to original Mac or sold dual boot ready for new user. Reason for sale - upgrade.
£375.00.  Phone Alistair 07899 851815 or Email (Mirfield,, West Yorkshire) 23/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple Mac Pro 12 Core Workstation Mac Pro 2009 with upgraded 12 Core 3.06Ghz Xeon, 32GB DDR3 Ram, 500GB SSD, 3x4TB 7.2K File HDD, 3GB GPU, USB 3.0 PCIe card. OS X 10.9.5 installed. Good condition and running beautifully, immense power that is directly comparable to the new Mac Pro cylinder (half the price along with PCIe slots and expansion) need MacBook Pro for touring reasons.
£2750 ovn.  Email (London) 22/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple Mac Mini quad core i7 2,3 GHz, 16 Gb ram. very good condition with box.
£400.  Email (London) 21/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Intel 2x 6 Core 3.33gHz Zeon processors Two X5680 3.33gHz 6-Core processors. I bought them to upgrade a Mac Pro, but they're not the right ones for my machine. They were from the US and I don't want to send them back if I don't have to. Installed for a few minutes and then removed and thermal paste cleaned off. Mint. New. Price for both. PROCESSORS ONLY.
£500.  Phone Jack Ruston 07900 888480 or Email (Hove, East Sussex) 20/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple Mac Pro MacPro 2006, v fast 8-core machine, excellent cond, running Snow Leopard with Logic 9 and mountains of amazing music software, will swop for any decent jazz guitar, 335 etc.
£600.  Email (London) 18/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple 15" MacBook Pro (2010) Apple MB986B/A MacBook Pro 15.4 inch Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz 8GB RAM 500GB HD. Good condition, used in a smoke free studio.
£550.  Phone Liam 07900621680 or Email (London) 18/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Quad core PC ASUS P5K 8gb Quad core PC Asus p5k M/B 8 gb ram intel quad core 2.4 Lots of USB ports.. 2 x Firewire.
£90.  Email (Sutton, Surrey) 16/01/15 (About the advertiser)
8 core 2 quad 8 core PC Its a Dell Precision t5400 Has 2 x 2.83ghz Xeon Quad, 16gb Ram 667mhz Has Windows 7 oem, basically run as many plugins as you like in your DAW (within reason of course) Fans are quiet (not silent but for what they are very quiet).
£200.  Email (Sutton, Surrey) 16/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple 8 core Mac Pro 2008 2x 2.8ghz Xeon Quad cores, 6GB RAM, wired keyboard & mouse. 320GB SATA system drive, 256GB dual DVI graphics, original box. Owned since new, very low mileage on this machine, home use only.
£500.  Email Thom (Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire) 16/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Apple Powermac G4  Graphite 1ghz and LCD studio monitor. Can run Osx or dedicated OS9 machine. Like new condition. Comes with matching 15" Apple studio display. Excellent example, very low hours, has been stored for years, boxed, w/ manuals.
£160.  Phone 07857459917 or Email (London) 12/01/15 (About the advertiser)
Custom Mac 3.0Ghz Quadcore Xeon 8GbRAM,1TB HD GTX285 2GB custom mac, tonnes of software and huge sample library already installed.would suit a producer or a graphics person. Better than a real Mac pro as you have the PCI expansion slots 4xPCIe, 3xPCI to house your UAD cards and gives wider range of soundcards to choose from Firewire,USB,LAN,WIFI working email for full list of software etc.
£550 ono.  Phone simon 07896 850853 or Email (Leeds, West Yorkshire) 05/01/15 (About the advertiser)
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