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TLA Midimute 32 channel midi muting sysytem.1U rack mounted.Never used.
£125.  Phone 07779577317 or Email (Swansea) 01/09/14 (About the advertiser)
AKG Phantom Power Supply Old unit, but in good condition.All working.2U.
£75.  Phone 07779577317 or Email (Swansea) 01/09/14 (About the advertiser)
CM Acoustics Bass Traps, Acoustic Treatment, Diffusers Acoustic Treatment Panels Bass Traps & Diffusers from £50. Fully tested and fire safe, using CARA acoustic fabrics. Range of colours available, delivered or collection.
£50.  Phone CM Acoustics 01664 820 047 or Email (Old Dalby, Leicestershire) Trade 29/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite ISA 828 Digital Card Eight-channel 192kHz ADC card for the ISA 828 or 428. Used but boxed as new.
£325.  Phone 07976 206973 or Email (Bath, Avon) 27/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Drawmer M-Clock Drawmer M-Clock in excellent condition. £350 ono plus postage.
£350.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
SSL Delta Link MADI Opti Coax SSL XLogic Delta Link MADI Opti Coax converter in excellent condition. Two available, £200each ono plus postage.
£200.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Suzuki Q-Chord (updated Omnichord) in perfect condition + new moulded official case, PSU, one song cartridge. Bought for project no longer needed. Q-chord has MIDI out so you can use Strum Pad to play any other sounds and are not just onboard tones. Used with soft synths in my DAW was amazing. All cost £320 new.
£230.  Phone 07976 206973 or Email (Bath, Avon) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Big Ben Apogee Big Ben Work Clock in excellent condition. £800 ono plus postage.
£800.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Frontier Design Apache Frontier Apache ADAT router/patchbay in excellent condition. £200 ono plus postage.
£200.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Rosendahl Nanoclocks Rosendahl Nanoclocks Work Clock in excellent condition. £550 ono plus postage.
£550.  Email (Belfast) 26/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Primera DiscPublisher Pro Xi2 100 CD / DVD duplicator in excellent condition - very little use.
£700ono.  Phone 07845 293257 or Email (Fareham) 22/08/14 (About the advertiser)
The A-Z of Analogue Synthesisers Part one and two These are the most excellent and much sought after revised books from Peter Forrest. These are from a limited run of 6000 of each volume and the book's individual number is found on the inside front cover. These are getting very rare and don't come up for sale very often. Some small signs of age, but very good condition.
£200.  Phone Dan 01938 570193 or Email (Welshpool) 18/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha YMM2 MIDI merge box with original PSU and user guide, immaculate.
£15.  Email (Orpington) 18/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Phillip Rees 5 X 5 and X 5 X MIDI matrix patchbays with link cable, ten outputs from any of five selectable inputs, full working order.
£30.  Email (Orpington) 18/08/14 (About the advertiser)
API Op amp 2520 Have one spare after the other one in my API 2500 went and I replaced both with red dot ones. In perfect condition. Pictures available.
£80.  Email (London) 11/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Korg Triton Rack Classic Korg Triton unit in perfect working order, including original korg power adapter.
£250.  Phone 07801756573 (London) 11/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Big Ben Word Clock Excellent and famous word clock. Only been in rack case. £1000 new.
£425 ono.  Email (Cardiff) 08/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Solid State Logic SSL Alphalink MADIAX 24ch i/o 24ch of analog/adat/madi i/o in 2U. Sounds excellent as you'd expect! £1798 new.
£1100 ono.  Email (Cardiff) 08/08/14 (About the advertiser)
Behringer Complete Studio Full analogue studio, will sell complete or will separate. Prices Neg. Contact for full list and prices.
£1500.  Phone Rick 07932676625 or Email (Maidstone) 04/08/14 (About the advertiser)
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