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Kenton socket upgrade for Yamaha CS-01 Untouched since 1997, provided with original documentation, this installs into the CS-01's battery compartment to provide external CV control over oscillator pitch, VCA gate and filter cutoff.
Login to email seller Anthony 25/06/2017
£80 ono Brighton About
ETA PD8L 19" rack 1u Rack Mountable Power Conditioner with 2 pull out Lights. On the rear it has 8 Protected IEC outlets on the back. Retractable Lights with High and Low Settings. Spike and Surge protection. 5 AMP, 1800 Watt capacity. Overload Protection. UL Recognized. Applications: Signal Processing Racks, Recording Studios, Computers.
Login to email seller Rob 23/06/2017
£65 ono London About
Home made. DIY BASS TRAPS DIY bass traps 2 meters high on wooden frame with 4 inch of RW6 rockwool. Covered in white will seriously tighten up the low end of your control room. 2 Available pickup required due to size.
Login to email seller 20/06/2017
£50 Edinburgh About
GIK Acoustics Acoustic Treatment Complete studio acoustic treatment in very good condition. Purchased for over £1,500 few months ago. 11 panels in total : GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap x 2 (120x60cm), GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner/Top x 4, Ceiling Cloud/Square (120cm x 120 cm), GIK Acoustics 244 Bass Trap x 2 (60cm x 120cm), Bass Trap x 2 (60cm x 120cm) All in Camira Fabric Brilliant white
Login to email seller Joni 19/06/2017
£999 ono Leeds About
Sound On Sound back issues and other music mags 175 Music Mags 1982-2005 inc 61 Sound On Sound, Future Music, Music Technology, Recording Musician, Electronics & Music Maker, The Mix, Home & Studio Recording and others. More than 50 are from 1980s. Full list available via email. Offers invited or maybe something useful or interesting in exchange? Collect Monmouth or rendez-vous Bristol or Newport.
Login to email seller 15/06/2017
£0 ono Chepstow About
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