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Roland Jupiter-8 w MIDI One of the most elegant sounding of all the vintage polysynths. Sounds wonderful - rich, precise, smooth, huge, glistening - you name it, and in practically new condition. Located in France.
£6300.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Novation Mini Nova Great sounding and versatile virtual analogue in excellent condition. Boxed, pics available etc. Postage or local collection.
£150.  Email John (Troon, South Ayrshire) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator Very good condition very rare now some excellent ambiant sounds with original manual £80 ovno or WHY collection only offers or.
£80ovno.  Phone 07811669055 (PRESTON) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland Juno 6 Classic analogue poly, in good condition and fully working. Pics etc available. Collection preferred but could potentially post.
£600.  Email John (Troon, South Ayrshire) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
ARP RHODES Chroma Polyphonic AfterTouch kit Selling a brand new unsealed Pressure Sensor Retrofit kit for the Chroma (CPS kit). Adds Polyphonic AfterTouch to your beloved Chroma !.
£280.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Buchla 291 Dual VoltageCtrld Filter clone Buchla 291 module Dual Voltage Controlled Filter clone. Excellent faceplate. Recently overhauled at Stroh modular, complete calibration performed. Trade with other Buchla module of same size possible. Located in France.
£390.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
ARP vintage ODYSSEY MKIII + mods with some great modifications: LFO, ADSR and AR have each a 3-positions switch (fast, normal or slow speed). 2nd LFO with 2 waveshapes, depth controllable with PPC, speed controllable with added pot, additional triangle waveform for both oscillators combinable with original waveforms at the VCF input. VCF cutoff can be modulated by each oscillator's added sine waveform. Location France.
£1950.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Doepfer modules Many DOEPFER modules for sale: A-101-1 Steiner Filter, A-102 Diode Low Pass, A-107 Morphing Filter, A-113 Subharmonic Generator, A- 115 Audio Divider, A-163 Voltage Controlled Frequency Divider. Contact me for prices.
£1.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
ARP RHODES Chroma + upgrades & accessories In full working order. Upgraded with new motherboard (CC+), MIDI connexion box, new PSU (SPSU), polyphonic aftertouch (CPS), custom enlarged LCD, Dual Footswitch Assembly, single Footswitch, variable volume-type Footpedal, Dummy plug and Programming, Performance & Interface Manual. Actually I never saw such a complete package for sale anywhere else before, grab it while it's still available ! Located in France.
£4900.  Email (France, France) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Novation XIO 49 in great condition no faults or marks / blemishes to speak of really all works as it should makes a great6 controller keyboard with its own sound card.
£100.  Email (MANCHESTER) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland Fantom X6 In excellent condition with Pmcia card no marks or blemishes that really need highlighting its a very nice example and is from non smoking studio environment.
£650 ono.  Email (MANCHESTER) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Novation X STATION 61 KEY In excellent condition all works as it should no sloppy rotarys the only slight issue is the 2nd ro last key is raised about 3-4 mm higher but works as it should just needs reaseating but its never bothered me.
£200 OVNO.  Email MIGZ (MANCHESTER) 20/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Waldorf Wave Trade In 16 voice Rare synth , free shipping availlable between UK and Germany ask for more details,comes with brand new case , manuals new OS and more.Trade in welcome !.
£9250.  Email (Enniscorthy, Ireland) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha SK50D Analogue monster synth ! With rare bass pedals includes mono ,poly & bass sections all programmable ! Also strings brass & organ sections all can be layered inc service manual & flight cases pictures on request excellent condition.
£2200.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Jen Sync 508 Six voice VCO poly synth incredibly rare prototype only ! Memories & arp very similar in spec & sound to korg poly six so it's a cracker !in need of a service one dodgy key ! Pictures on request can post anywhere.
£475.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
EDP Gnat special edition Very rare & in beautiful condition hardwood case & metal keyboard pictures on request can be posted anywhere.
£750.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland CMU. 800 R Multi timbal fully analogue sound module 606 drums Juno basses & pads loads of cv & gate control superb condition manual & lead pictures on request can post anywhere !.
£175.  Email (Newbiggin, Northumberland) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre as new Spectre for sale, bought less than a month ago from Schneidersladen, but is surplus to my current set-up.
£170.  Phone 078-35739174 (London) 18/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Clavia Nord Modular G2 Expanded Keyboard A deep, deep sound design powerhouse. Still one of the best digital synths ever made...sad to see this leaving the building.
£1200.  Email (London) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland V Synth GT Immaculate condition with manuals, USB stick of projects and stretch dust cover.
£995.  Email (Preston, Lancashire) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland JD990 + VintageSynth & DanceExpansions Superb condition with Vintage Synth and Dance expansion cards. Check my other ads.
£600.  Email (London) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland Promars MRS2 analogue synth in superb working condition. More info/pics available.
£1250.  Email (Brighton) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha CS30 analogue synth in excellent fully working condition. Pics available.
£1150.  Email (Brighton) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Roland SH7 very nice example of the super rare roland sh-7 . technically completely perfect no issues cosmetically main panel nearly perfect some small marks arround outside . tolex nearly perfect . a couple of plastic knobs with tiny chip very small hardly noticable . this keyboard is almost impossible to find in this good condition, london, 2400 ono.
£2400 ono.  Email (London) 17/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Yamaha Dx27 Classic fm keyboard used by many first generation electronic producers, just serviced, great nick.
£280.  Email (Huddersfield, West yorkshire) 15/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Wavestation AD. The pinnacle of wave sequencing and the very best Wavestation. With Vocoder, balanced connections, joystick and external inputs. Mint condition with new battery and bright display. All manuals.
£500.  Email (Keighley) 15/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Kawai K5000W in very good condition and PWO, the additive beast and super soundscape machine.
£550.  Email Andy (Blyth, Northumberland) 15/04/16 (About the advertiser)
ARP Korg ODYSSEY Mk 2 limited edition in black, as new condition with original manual, psu, cables, case and box. Pics available.
£645.  Phone 07966492673 or Email (Chesterfield, Derbyshire) 15/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Korg Wavestation SR. Mint condition Wavestation SR with over 900 factory sounds including all cards.
£400.  Email (Keighley) 15/04/16 (About the advertiser)
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2 MIDI Classic and very sought after original P5. Fully working, serviced and in lovely condition. Can ship worldwide. Photos.
£5000.  Email (Keighley) 14/04/16 (About the advertiser)
136 item(s) found
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