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Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. pedal high-end cabinet simulator in a stompbox format. Excellent condition, only used a few times. Price includes UK postage.
£200.00.  Email (Lanarkshire, Scotland) 03/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Line 6 Bass Pod XT Pro Excellent condition. Loads of features ins and outs. USB, SPdif, Midi, Effects and re- amp options.
£150.  Phone Gary 07870 123444 or Email (Penzance, Cornwall) 02/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Strymon Dig Digital Delay Brand new and boxed priced for a quick sale. price includes UK postage.
£155.00.  Email (Lanarkshire, Scotland) 02/09/15 (About the advertiser)
MXR not sure!! vintage mxr phaser pedal from 1980s. black pedal. runs on batteries.
£50.  Phone frank 07984 747 801 (London) 02/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Moog Music Moogfooger MF-104M Analog Delay This delay pedal is in MINT condition. Never gigged and kept in a smoke-free studio. One of the all-time great delay pedals. Incredible sound. Moog has recently discontinued the 104M due to a limited supply of crucial Bucket Brigade analog chips, so grab this one while it lasts. Ships with UK power adapter.
£500.  Email Mike (Bath) 01/09/15 (About the advertiser)
Fulltone mini dejavibe univibe clone pedal cream case vgc.
£150.  Phone Nick 0788 4267814 or Email (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) 30/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Fulltone 69 mkii germanium fuzz pedal.
£100.  Phone Nick 0788 4267814 or Email (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) 30/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Roger Linn Design Adrenalinn 3 midi syncable filter and effects pedal vgc with box pwr supply and manual.
£170.  Phone Nick 0788 4267814 or Email (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) 30/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland GR700 guitar synthesiser. True analogue guitar synth. Gigged, but fully functional. Call for details.
£250.  Phone Gordon 01223 811245 or Email (Fulbourn, Cambs) 30/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Two notes Torpedo live Great amp sim & pro load box, 100w max, 8 ohm, 1u 19" model. great condition & perfect operational order. pics available, 500 ono.
£500.  Email Lee (Montrose) 24/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Roland VG8-EX revolutionary electric & acoustic Guitar Modeller. Note: it's not a MIDI guitar synth, instead it uses superior COSM processing, so there's no delays or glitches. Best feature is the unrivalled 'Virtual Tuning' i.e. design your own guitar tuning system, or use presets. That alone opens a world of possibilities. There's unique synthetic sounds too.
£295.  Phone 07711 007 166 or Email (Maidstone, Kent) 21/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer : Vintage unit, ungigged. High quality build - made in Japan.
£55.  Phone 07711 007 166 or Email (Maidstone, Kent) 21/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Electro Harmonix Memory Man original 1970s 'Solid State Echo/ Chorus 'boost in' model with black and blue lettering. Mains operated. Immaculate condition and really does sound beautiful.
£225.  Phone Chris 07792988689 or Email (Sheffield) 18/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser Original 1977 (according to the pots) American made Small Stone phaser, immaculate condition and sounds fantastic.
£120.  Phone Chris 07792988689 or Email (Sheffield) 18/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Jen jumbo Fuzz Original 1970's Fuzz Box . Immaculate condition and sounds great . Even the base isnt scratched! Original italian ' Pescara' model 310.014.
£225.  Phone Chris 07792988689 or Email (Sheffield) 18/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 Very little used, excellent condition, a few chips in paintwork.
£90.  Email (Cardiff) 17/08/15 (About the advertiser)
Rockman Bass by Tom Scholz /1984/ Stereo chorus, Dist, EQ. Good condition.
£110.  Email (Buda, Hungary) 06/08/15 (About the advertiser)
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