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Description Price Location Seller
Yamaha DX7 MK1 Excellent condition, comes with hard case. Photos on requests.
Contact: 17/10/2016
£260 Budapest About
PPG wave 2.2 or wave 2.3 Wanted to buy/trade a PPG Wave synth in good condition.If you have for sale, please contact me.
Contact: 17/10/2016
ono Budapest About
CAD Equitek e200 The Equitek E200 from Conneaut Audio Devices is a multi-pattern side address microphone designed for recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement. The implementation of high speed, low noise, low-distortion electronics makes the E200 the ideal candidate for the most critical applications. Great Bang for the buck! Generally regarded as an accurate mic, with less coloration. Very Cool: Has 3 patterns: Cardioid, Omni and Figure 8.
Contact: Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£150 London About
Dbx 160VU This Classic Vintage Compressor/Limiter has a rich history that speaks for itself. I have found it to be great on Vocals, Bass Guitars, Drums, but generally a good all-round unit. I have used this unit for many years, but I no longer mix records so I am looking to send this baby to a good home. This unit come with the additional 19" rack ears so that it can be racked.
Contact: Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£699 ono London About
Roland R880 + Remote and Cards This Classic Reverb/multiFXs unit was originally a competitor to the Lexicon 480. It is an all-round amazing unit with a smooth big sound that I haven't found replicated with any pluggin. Im selling because I no longer mix records so have no use for this classic. There is quite a bit of information out there for this hard to come by classic. including youTube videos of it in action. I want this unit to go to a good home. in good full working order!
Contact: Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£999 ono London About
PreSonus Central Station The Central Station is a good quality monitor controller. This one comes with the optional remote (over £100 in value). It feature 3 sets of monitor outputs, plus Talkback, has audiophile-quality, passive signal path, with no op-amps or ICs, also comes with S/PDIF inputs with high-definition, 24-bit, 192 kHz D/A converters. Also has 2 sets of headphone outputs, a great addition to any studio setup.
Contact: Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£355 London About
Inward Connections Vac Rac 4000 series This Vintage TUBE system comes with 2 limiters and 2 Parametric EQ's. This unit is beautifully smooth, Big and Warm. I have used it for many years on many records, but I no longer Mix Records so I am looking to send it to a good home. There is plenty of information about the unit online if you want to know more. There is a pair of the limiters (only) currently online for over £3k so this is a bargain for all 4 racked units!
Contact: Tony Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£3,000 ono London About
Akai/Linn MPC60 MK1 CLASSIC Roger Linn MPC60 MK 1 FULLY LOADED (All Upgrades) comes with Memory expansion, MPC3000 software Upgrade! External SCSI ZipDisk Upgrade. I have owned this beauty since 1996 and it has been used professionally and cared for since then. I am selling because I have not used it in 6 years and I want it to be used and go to a good home.
Contact: Tony Tel. 07753420125 or 14/10/2016
£1,199 London About
Studio Electronics Omega 8 with 8 Moog, Oberheim and CS80 filters 2 ARP2600 filters and Op-Amps upgrade. Rare modern analogue polysynth with individual outputs on all 8 voices. In excellent condition and fully working. Collection only.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£3,100 ono Nottingham About
Roland V-Synth GT Extremely Powerful synth with Variphrase, articulated phasing and vocal designer options in an easy to use interface and very high quality keyboard. Excellent condition with original manuals and CD. Collection only.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£1,150 ono Nottingham About
Korg Wavedrum Oriental Very good condition with box and psu
Contact: 14/10/2016
£275 Warfield About
Rhodes Chroma with CC+ CPU and new psu Fully working and in good condition with some wear to varnish on wooden end cheeks. The upgraded CPU makes programming via MIDI much more accessible. Collection only.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£4,000 ono Nottingham About
Boss RC 505 looper Flagship boss tabletop looper with version 2 upgrade. 5 stereo tracks with multiple input and track effects. Mint condition with box and psu. Hardly used.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£295 Warfield About
Yamaha Motif XS7 in totally as new Pristine condition for sale....Home use only in a smoke free environment and had very little use....Comes with Yamaha FC4 sustain pedal and all manuals....You wont find a better example out there.....Collection only as I no longer have the box and its heavy....Pics can be provided if needed just email me....Thanks in advance....
Contact: Tel. 07855544475 or 14/10/2016
£850 Doncaster About
TLA VTC 32-8 72 Input (32 Mic/Line + 32 Monitor Input + 6 Effects Return) TLA Valve Analog Console in Excellent Condition that has a great fat sound and is perfect for both recording and mixing purposes. This board has been great for us on everything from dirty rock guitar recordings to clean pop mix downs. It has everything you need in a mid sized console - from quality EQ to routing and monitoring flexibility. Very open to offers so feel free to contact me with any questions.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£10,000 ono London About
PreSonus RM32AI Digital Rack Mixer. Fantastic 32 input 16 output mixer. Control via computer or iPad. Firewire interface built in. Full FX, dynamics and EQ built in. Incredible spec. Mixer is in as new condition (less than 8 months old and very light use in studio) and comes with original box and cables.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£900 London About
Retro Instruments Doublewide 500 500 series Tube compressor. Sounds amazing on bass, vocals and in fact just about anything. Excellent condition with box.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£750 ono London About
Euphonix MC Transport Excellent controller for Pro Tools and Other software using EuControl protocol. Boxed in excellent condition.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£240 London About
Bettermaker EQ502P 500 series EQ with a difference. You can save patches and control from your DAW for automation. Brilliant unit. In ex condition.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£625 London About
MOTU 828 mk2 Firewire Audio Interface. 8 Analog inputs. 10 analog outs. 8 channels of ADAT I/O. ADAT Sync, word clock and midi. Hardly used, still with original box. Only very light use in smoke free studio. Sounds lovely and in immaculate condition. Unmarked and like new. Can bring to London.
Contact: 14/10/2016
£200 ono Whepstead About