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Making The Most Of REASON

Dynamic Racks

Reason Tips and Technique

Thumbnail for article: Dynamic Racks

We round up the pick of Reason's Rack Extension dynamics processors.

Compression Session

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Compression Session

Join us as we delve into dynamics in Reason 7.

Theory & Practice

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Theory & Practice

We look at how chord‑generating Rack Extensions in Reason could help you out of a musical rut.

Matrix Tricks

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Matrix Tricks

When it comes to step sequencing, Reason 7 has all sorts of tricks up its sleeve.

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Pre-emptive Strike

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Pre-emptive Strike

A little preparation in Reason should see you ready for anything.

Just Browsing

Reason tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Just Browsing

Understanding Reason's Patch Browser can help you to work faster and more efficiently.

Sonic Safari

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Sonic Safari

Join us as we explore the unexpected creative possibilities of Reason 7's effects.

Cutting Edge

Reason Tips and Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Cutting Edge

Get your brain outside some crafty cuts with Reason 7's hot new slicing tools.

Knocking On Seven’s Door

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Knocking On Seven’s Door

There’s plenty to get to grips with in Reason 7, including external MIDI and Sliced Audio.

Seven Wonders

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Seven Wonders

The landmark Reason v7 is about to arrive. What will it do for you?

The Dark Side

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: The Dark Side

Explore the secret paths to modulation on the dusty reverse of Reason’s cheery fascia...

Synth Showdown

Reason Tips & Technique

Thumbnail for article: Synth Showdown

Now that Rack Extensions are here, there are lots of Reason synths on offer — but which are the best?

Automatic Weapons

Reason Tips & Technique

Thumbnail for article: Automatic Weapons

Take a guided tour of Reason’s automation armoury.

Untold Glitches

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Untold Glitches

Glitch techniques are common currency in pop production, and Reason can glitch with the best of them...

Master Class

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Master Class

Reason is becoming a much more rounded DAW, and one of the main areas to benefit is mastering.

Reverb Revisited

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Reverb Revisited

It’s a Reason reverberation extravaganza this month, as we look at the tools available and how to use them.

Extension Leads

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Extension Leads

We serve up another smorgasbord of Reason Rack Extensions.

Rack & Roll

Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Rack & Roll

Pausing by the buffet, we check out what Propellerhead have brought to the Rack Extension party.

Rack Extension Shop

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Rack Extension Shop

Propellerhead’s Rack Extension Shop is filling up with tempting goodies...

Rack Extensions

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Rack Extensions

With our racks about to get even more densely populated by Rack Extensions, we may need strategies for keeping on top of the sprawl...

Open Borders

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Open Borders

New vistas appear for Reason users, with the arrival of Rack Extensions...


Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Combinator

Explore the potential of complex sound layering with Reason’s Combinator.


Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Echo

Straight and vintage delays, ADT, psychedelia, glitch... Is there anything Reason's Echo device can't do?

The Echo

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: The Echo

Reason 6's fabulous new device, The Echo, makes the creation of sophisticated delay-based effects child's play.

Reason 6: Alligator, Gates

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Reason 6: Alligator, Gates

Reason 6 has upped its game on the gating front, adding per-channel gates and the snappy new Alligator...

Reason 6 New Features

Reason Notes

Thumbnail for article: Reason 6 New Features

We continue our exploration of the new features and functions in Reason 6.

Mix Tricks For Reason 6

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Mix Tricks For Reason 6

Reason’s new mixer has useful features you may not have noticed...

Reason 6

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Reason 6

Version 6 is a new dawn for Reason users. This month, we offer some essential techniques for getting up to speed with it.

Reason 6

Reason Notes

Thumbnail for article: Reason 6

Reason 6 is probably the biggest update in the program’s history. We give you the lowdown...

Missing DAW Features: Track Folders, Fader & Mix Groups, Markers, Track Freezing

Reason/Record Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Missing DAW Features: Track Folders, Fader & Mix Groups, Markers, Track Freezing

We work around the missing DAW features in Reason and Record.

Neptune Pitch Correction, Part 2

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Neptune Pitch Correction, Part 2

In part two of our short series, we dive deeper into Neptune, the pitch correction device that keeps on giving.• Read Part 1.

Neptune Pitch Correction

Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Neptune Pitch Correction

Wetsuits on, as we dive into Record’s new pitch‑correction device, Neptune. • Read Part 2

Modulation Mayhem

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Modulation Mayhem

Reason's flexible routing is at the heart of this month's exploration of synth modulation.


Propellerhead Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Sampling

Reason's flexible routing makes scintillating sampling simple...

Drum Instruments

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Drum Instruments

Discover how to tackle Reason's over-sized gorilla of a drum instrument.

Introducing Dr OctoRex

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Introducing Dr OctoRex

Get some 8-way sample action with Reason's new loop player!


Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Block

Make light work of song arranging with Reason's new Blocks feature.

Time & Tempo Flexibility

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Time & Tempo Flexibility

We bring you up to speed on tempo flexibility and Reason 5's new transport bar.

Reason | Using Your Own Samples

Reason Tips & Techniques

Thumbnail for article: Reason | Using Your Own Samples

If youve never used your own samples in Reason, heres how...

Reason 5 Rundown

Reason Notes & Techniques

The SOS spotlight falls on the new toys offered by Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

Reason/Record: Tooling Up

Reason Notes & Techniques

The Tool window is the key to some nifty sequencer manipulation in Propellerhead's Reason and Record.

Building A Multi-Band Compressor In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason doesn’t have a dedicated multi-band compressor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own.

Reason / Record: Stereo Vision

Reason Notes & Technques

We show you how familiar devices can be manipulated to create stereo effects in Reason and Record.

Comping Tips in Reason and Record

Reason Notes & Techniques

The ability to quickly create and compare alternative takes is very useful. We look at how it’s done in Reason and Record.

Creating Unusual Effects In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason’s flexible sound-design environment opens up the possibility of unusual and exotic effects treatments.

Reason: Delaying Tactics

Reason Notes & Techniques

Build sophisticated multi-tap and modulated delay treatments using Reason’s flexible devices.

Reason: Productivity Boosts

Reason Notes & Techniques

Boost your Reason productivity with indispensable keyboard shortcuts that make everyday jobs quicker and easier.

Reason To Record

Reason Notes & Techniques

We help you to bring your old Reason songs into the Record era.

Running Reason And Ableton Live Together

Reason Notes / Ableton Live Notes

Reason and Ableton Live work well together — we offer some tips on running the two programs in parallel.

Make A Modular Synth In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Not only can Reason’s Thor synth be used as an effects unit for other signals, it can also act as a hub for combining instruments and devices into true modular synth structures.

Reason: Parallel Compression

Reason Notes & Techniques

If you want the impact of heavily compressed drums but don’t want to sacrifice your dynamics, parallel compression is the way to go. This month we explore the best ways to achieve this effect in Reason.

Reason ReGroove: Getting Your Groove On

Reason Notes & Techniques

Think computer music's got no soul? Think again! Join us as we explore Reason's ReGroove mixer...

Side-chain Compression In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Side-chain compression can be the difference between a flat, lifeless mix and an adrenalised floor-filler. Learn how to capture the French house sound, and add an extra little twist.

Reason 4's New Sequencer

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason 4's overhauled sequencer is now more powerful but has caused head-scratching amongst users. If you're one of the confused, read on...

Reason 4: Advanced Arpeggiation

Reason Notes & Techniques

Delving beneath the surface of Reason 4's new RPG8 arpeggiator reveals a treasure trove of rhythmic modulations and variations.

More Thor In Reason 4

Reason Notes & Techniques

Following last month's introduction to the Thor synthesizer, we embark on a patch-building project and explore several of the key features of Reason 4's new synth...

The Thor Synthesizer In Reason 4

Reason Notes & Techniques

There's a lot to get to grips with in the latest version of Reason — but we begin by looking at the basics of the giant new semi-modular synthesizer, Thor.

DIY Effects In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason 4 may be nearly upon us, but there's still plenty of experimenting to be done in version 3 - creating your own effects devices, for example...

Reason: Making The Most Of The Mixer

Reason Notes & Techniques

We go back to basics this month, with an in-depth look at how you can get the best out of Reason's Remix mixer.

Reason's Matrix Pattern Sequencer

Hints & Tips

To analogue synth fanatics, the Matrix Pattern Sequencer is one of the highlights of Reason's toolbox.

Exploring Reason's BV512 Vocoder

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason's BV512 is pretty sophisticated as vocoders go, and is capable of much more than Sparky's Magic Piano-style voice effects. Find out more...

Hacking Remote Files In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

If Remote support has not been added for your favourite MIDI controller, consider doing it yourself.

Using Reason Live

Part 3: Live Looping With Dr:Rex

This month we look at a Combinator building project that allows you to mix and manipulate loops on the fly.

Using Reason Live

Part 2: Live Electronic Performance

In the second part in our series, we're exploring ways to use Reason in a live electronica performance, laptop DJ set or jam session.

Using Reason Live

Part 1: Replacing A Live Keyboard Rig

In the first part of a series on using Reason live, we look at using the Combinator and MIDI remote control to replace a live keyboard rig.

Using Mixer Automation In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Mixer automation lets you create more dynamic mixes, but also provides a fast alternative to arranging all your tracks in the sequencer. We offer a simple guide to making the most of it.

Using Reason's Spider Audio & Spider CV Devices

Reason Notes & Techniques

The grey Spider devices look mild-mannered and unassuming — but they have super-powers that can unlock the hidden reserves of Reason's sound-making devices, as well as solving a host of more mundane problems.

Refining Rhythm In Reason

Reason Notes & Technique

Last month we took a look at some basic applications of the Redrum module in Reason drum programming. Now it's time to move on to more sophisticated techniques for your rhythm parts.

Programming Drums in Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Whether you need electronic beats or realistic acoustic drums, Reason is one of the quickest and easiest tools around for creating varied drum tracks.

Loop-based Composition in Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason is more than just a MIDI sequencing environment; it can also be used for creating new pieces spontaneously from sample loops. We show you how...

Using Hardware Controllers with Reason 3

Reason Notes & Techniques

In all the excitement about Reason 3's Combinator device, the powerful new Remote hardware control functionality has been sadly overlooked — so let's remedy that situation with this article...

Using Reason with 8 major Audio Host Applications

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason makes an ideal 'synth rack' for use with a variety of host software. We take you through the steps needed to Rewire it to 8 popular programs.

Mastering External Audio In Reason 3

Reason Notes & Techniques

Reason can be a simple yet surprisingly sophisticated mastering suite — and not just for audio generated in the Reason environment.

Tuning Drum Loops In Reason

Reason Notes & Techniques

Can't quite get your Reason rhythm section kicking with the rest of the track? If you've never considered tuning your drum samples and loops to help create a tight and harmonious mix, now may be the time to try it...

ReBirth & Reason

Reason Notes

ReBirth is dead. Long live ReBirth! We discuss the decision to discontinue this pioneering software and discover how Reason users can keep its spirit alive.

Mastering Reason 3 Mixes


Reason 3 has several new tools for pumping up final mixes and creating that 'finished product' sound.

Beta-testing Reason

Reason Notes

Propellerheads have always had a rather unusual approach to beta-testing, routinely involving thousands of registered users. We talk to the Props about how it's done.

Reason Mixing Masterclass


Reason mixes can sound superbly fat and punchy, thanks to the array of tools the software puts at your disposal. We adapt some traditional mixing know-how to the Reason platform and offer device-specific tips to help you improve your mixes.

Reason Notes

News & Updates

We report on a new release of Reason that fixes some bugs but also ups the system requirements for running the software, and examine the problem of achieving 'exclusive' drum assignments in the NNXT super sample-player.

Making Your Own Reason Refill


If you've never made a Refill from your Reason creations, now may be the time to give it a go. It's an easy process that can offer various benefits.

Reason Notes

News & Tips

Tiger tussles with Reload, Propellerhead's Akai sample-management software; the excellent free Electromechanical Refill gets an update to show off the powers of the Combinator... and we've patch browsing and Stereo Imager tips to offer.

Using The Malström Synth In Reason


The Malström device can certainly be used as a conventional synth, but behind its slightly bizarre green front panel there's a powerful graintable sound engine begging to be exploited to the full. We show you how...

Building Combinator Effects In Reason 3


Reason‘s Combinator device isn‘t all about creating new sound sources and storing live setups — it also provides the way to build new and imaginative effects units.

Solving Reason problems With Combinator

Reason Notes

The new Combinator device can solve Reason problems you didn‘t even realise you had. We elaborate, as well as offering news and tips...

Audio Input for Reason

Reason Notes

With some clever programming, an Italian software house have created a program that claims to add an audio input to Reason. We take a sneak peek, as well as bringing you essential Reason news and quick tips.

Building Combinator Patches in Reason 3


The most exciting addition to the new version of Reason is arguably the Combinator device, which greatly expands the flexibility and programming potential of everything in the Reason rack. We guide you through the creation of a Combinator patch to get you started with this great new device.

Reason: New Refills & Tips

Reason Notes

This month: new Refills and tweaking techniques for Reason v3, plus the usual haul of time-saving tips.

Reason: Getting More Out Of v2.5

Reason Notes

We've got a lot to look forward to with the imminent release of Reason v3, but there's still a world of exploration available in v2.5 - so don't stop creating while you are waiting.

Reason: RV7000 Advanced Reverb

Reason Notes

This month we present a closer look at the RV7000 Advanced Reverb, plus a handful of effect-related hints and tips.

Reasons to be cheerful: v3

Reason Notes

Version 3 of Reason is officially on the way, adding some high-spec new devices and improved operational features.

Arpeggiators & Cool Techniques

Reason Notes

There are more clever tips and techniques than you can shake a stick at in this month's Reason Notes, kicking off with yet another fun way to fake an arpeggiator effect...

REX Loops: Substituting Sounds

Reason Notes

Ever loved the feel of a REX loop but disliked the drum sounds? Using Reason, you can steal the feel and substitute sounds of your choice... We show you how.

Reason: Alternatives To 4/4 Time

Reason Notes

Reason seems firmly fixed in a 4/4 time signature — but clever use of the Redrum and Matrix pattern-based devices allows you to explore more unusual signatures. This month we explain how, as well as bringing you the essential news and tips.

Using Mackie Tracktion Sequencer As A Rewire Host

Reason Notes

Mackie's Tracktion sequencer makes an ideal budget Rewire host for adding audio recording and plug-in capabilities to your Reason setup, as we explain...

Instant Track Creation

Reason Notes

We explore an advanced technique for creating "instant" tracks using Propellerhead's Reason software.

More Reason to be cheerful

Reason Notes

A new Refill is reviewed and ways around some common Reason problems are offered.

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