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AAS Strum Electric GS1

Virtual Guitar Instrument
Published September 2009
By Nick Magnus

AAS put their physical modelling skills to the test once again, with an electric follow‑up to Strum Acoustic GS1.

Strum Electric GS1 is a physically modelled guitar instrument based around the same concepts and techniques as AAS's 'acoustic' GS1 plug‑in, the aim this time being to emulate, unsurprisingly, electric guitars of various flavours. As its name implies, Strum Electric (or SE) majors in strumming duties, but can also be used to perform arpeggios, power chords, solo lines and duophonic parts. The technique for playing SE is the same as its predecessor: essentially, the desired chord shapes are played on a MIDI keyboard with the left hand, while the right hand 'strums' them using a range of trigger keys.

Strum Electric is both Mac and PC compatible and runs in either VST, Audio Units, RTAS or stand‑alone modes. Since the over-arching principles and functions of SE are almost identical to those of Strum Acoustic, I recommend referring to...

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Published September 2009