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Acustica Audio Sand

Channel Strip Plug-in
Published February 2017
By Sam Inglis

Acustica Audio Sand

Acustica’s latest plug-in promises new heights of realism in SSL-style EQ and compression.

Most software emulations of analogue devices are created using so-called ‘modelling’ techniques, which attempt to simulate the behaviour of individual components or circuit blocks. However, Acustica Audio have long championed an alternative approach called dynamic convolution. Somewhat analogous to multisampling, this involves sending a series of impulses or sine sweeps through the gear being ‘sampled’, at different settings and signal levels, and then convolving the resulting library impulse responses with input audio to recreate those settings.

There is widespread agreement that dynamic convolution can sound great, and its advocates claim that it recreates devices such as classic compressors with a faithfulness that modelling techniques rarely, if ever, match. Historically, however, it has been held back by the associated down sides of heavy CPU load, rapacious consumption of memory and drive space, and the perception that some sort of higher qualification in computer science is needed to make it all work.

As computers have got...

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Published February 2017

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