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A-Designs Mix Factory

Analogue Summing Mixer
Published January 2017
By Bob Thomas

A-Designs Mix Factory

Can this California company’s first summing mixer reach the high standards set by their outboard processors?

California-based manufacturers A-Designs Audio have recently added a summing mixer to their already impressive range: the Mix Factory, named for the studio of Tony Shepperd, the recording engineer who conceived it. Described as “a totally new concept and approach to summing out of the box,” the Mix Factory is a manually controlled, 16-input unit that features transformer-balanced main outputs, a flexible architecture based on two summed stereo subgroups (inputs 1-8 and 9-16), plus switchable stereo inserts for those and the main stereo summing bus.

The Box

Designed by highly respected gear designer Paul Wolff, the Mix Factory is a handsome, 2U 19-inch rackmount unit whose black fascia is populated by 35...

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Published January 2017

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