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AKG Perception 820 | Audio

Audio Examples
Published August 2010
By Matt Houghton

Hear for yourself how this mic performed during the SOS tests.

The audio files available for download from this page, or from SOS's Soundcloud page, accompany Paul White's review of the AKG Perception 820 tube mic, which appeared in SOS August 2010. The recordings demonstrate the Perception 820 being used on a range of sources recorded during the course of the review test sessions. Recordings were also made using an AKG C12VR, for the purposes of comparison. The audio file names include the microphone name, and the source being recorded. For example, the file named C12_GuitarAmpODChords is a recording of guitar chords played through an overdriven amp, recorded on the AKG C12VR.

AKG Perception 820 Microphone | SOS August 2010 by Sound On Sound

Download all Hi-Res AIFs | 25 MB
Published August 2010