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Analog Outfitters Scanner

'Upcycled' Hammond Organ Effect
Published January 2017
By David Greeves

Analog Outfitters Scanner

Built from reclaimed Hammond organ parts, the Scanner is an unusual electromechanical effects unit that sounds as classy as it looks!

Hailing from Champaign, Illinois, Analog Outfitters began as an amp repair company before branching out with their own line of guitar amps. Highly rated by pro guitarists including Wilco’s Nels Cline, their quirky line of heads and combos is big on vintage values and boutique appeal, all tube and no frills. Their biggest distinguishing feature is the use of reclaimed parts from vintage Hammond organs, principally the transformers and casework, making each amp a unique piece of ‘upcycled’ history.

Though it’s as big as a 100W head, the Scanner is not an amp but a stand-alone vibrato and reverb effect, built around a reclaimed Hammond vibrato scanner and spring reverb tank. While the latter is a familiar feature of guitar amps, the vibrato scanner is rather more unusual. Developed by Hammond...

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Published January 2017