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Antares ATG-1

Auto-Tune Guitar Processor
Published May 2017
By Paul White

Antares ATG‑1

Antares’ efforts to apply their pitch-correction technology to guitar products continues, with this versatile pedal-format processor.

Antares’s ATG‑1 Floor Processor is the pedalboard version of the ATG processor already built into some models of guitar, the advantage here being that as long as you have space to fix a hex pickup, such as a Roland GK-3 (or an alternative from RMC or GraphTech), you can use your own guitar. If you haven’t come across the Auto‑Tune-for-guitar system before, it is in many ways similar in concept to existing products such as the Roland VG series of processors, the Roland VG Strat or the Line 6 Variax. The big difference is that in addition to using modelling to emulate different pickup types and applying the pitch-shifting of individual strings to offer alternative tunings, bass sounds and 12‑string emulations, it also includes Auto‑Tune’s pitch-fixing technology to give your guitar perfect intonation and near-instant retuning. There’s also the option to configure some of the effects in stereo, such as panning the doubled strings in a 12‑string emulation. A global detuning parameter is available for when you encounter that lovely piano that is half a semitone flat relative to concert pitch.

If you don’t fancy fixing a hex pickup to your own guitar, there are various models with the pickup system already built in, such as Fender’s Roland Ready Strat and models by Godin, Carvin, and Brian Moore Guitars. I tested the system using my own Roland Ready Strat, which I normally use with a Roland VG99.

The ATG‑1 Floor Processor connects to the guitar using a Roland 13-pin cable, which is not provided. Another thing that needs pointing out early on is that...

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Published May 2017

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