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AudioRealism Bassline 3

Software Synthesizer
Published January 2017
By Paul Nagle

The main panel — the sticker is optional.The main panel — the sticker is optional.

The humble TB303 has proved notoriously difficult to recreate in software, but ABL3 comes far closer than most.

It’s not exactly a new idea to replicate the Roland TB303. It’s been done many times in hardware and software — even by Roland themselves — but that doesn’t mean the quest for perfection is over. AudioRealism made their first attempt in 2003 with ABL1, moving closer with ABL2 in 2007. They were still not completely satisfied though, so a total rewrite was called for, resulting in ABL3 — in VST and AU formats.

Bass Yourself

It certainly looks the part; the resizable GUI is expandable to suit even...

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Published January 2017