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Bereich03 Audio Filterbank

Filter & Dynamics Processor
Published June 2017
By Matt Houghton

Bereich03 Audio Filterbank

The humble band-pass filter forms the basis of this fun little 500-series module.

Don’t let the cluster of vertical sliders fool you: Bereich03 Audio’s Filterbank is not a graphic EQ. Don’t let its quiet, understated aesthetic mislead you, either: in stark contrast to the company’s previous products — all of which have been of very high quality but fairly conventional in terms of what they allow you to do — this is an utterly bonkers idea. And I mean that in the best sense of the phrase! Essentially, it’s a toy that designer Michael Heilrath conceived to satisfy his own creative urges. For some reason, it occurred to him that it would be fun to be able to...

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Published June 2017