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Cinematic Studio Strings

Sample Library
Published October 2016
By Nick Magnus

Cinematic Studio Strings

Cinematic Samples take a refreshingly simple approach to the Hollywood orchestral sound.

Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS) is the first of Cinematic Samples’ Kontakt-hosted orchestral Studio series. Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Solo Strings libraries are planned for future release, and a Piano (CSP) is also currently available. Any similarity of CSS to the same company’s Cinematic Strings 2 library (CS2, reviewed in SOS June 2012), is not surprising. CSS builds upon CS2’s ethos, but this is an entirely new library, recorded in Sydney’s Trackdown Scoring Stage, with a Hollywood-style sound aimed squarely at film, TV and game composers. It includes several new articulations, a hugely improved legato system and the ability to route mics to different Kontakt outputs, among other things — more on all these features later. We’re certainly not short of in-depth string libraries to choose from, so any new library that not only sounds great, but is a doddle to use and doesn’t cost the earth, is a good thing, and CSS scores highly on all three counts.

Alles Ist Klar

CSS’s list of patches is refreshingly short, with one patch for each of the 1st Violin, 2nd Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass sections, plus Full Ensemble and Lite Ensemble. The Lite version contains three basic...

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Published October 2016

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