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Clavia Nord Piano 3

Stage Piano
Published May 2017
By Gordon Reid

Clavia Nord Piano 3

Now on its third version, the latest Nord Piano is the best one yet.

I think that we all know how Clavia’s development strategy works. The company have three major keyboard technologies — a virtual analogue synth engine, a modelled Hammond organ and Leslie engine, and a sample playback engine — and combine these in various ways to create different ranges of instruments. Having done so, they have over the years made incremental improvements to each and advanced the model number, such that we now have the Nord Lead 4 synth, the Stage 2 and Electro 5 multi-keyboards, the C2 organs, and the subject of this review, the Piano 3.

The Upgrades

Despite being named a piano, the Nord Piano 3 comprises two sample-playback engines: one devoted to keyboard samples, and the other (the so-called Sample Synth) covering a wider palette of sounds. The outputs from the two engines are then passed down a signal path comprising six effects sections: five that can be applied individually or to both signals (or neither), followed by a global reverb section. Despite a few additional features, the simple control surface and straightforward menus of its predecessors (the aptly named Piano and Piano 2) have...

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Published May 2017