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Eventide Fission

Structural Effects Plug-in
Published June 2017
By Sam Inglis

Eventide Fission

What does Eventide’s “new method for processing audio” offer that we don’t already have in our plug-in folders?

The idea of splitting up a source sound in order to apply separate processes to each element is not a new one. There are, for example, modular plug-ins that can simultaneously distort low frequencies and compress the mids while flanging the bejeezus out of the top end, and there are numerous ways to slice up drum loops and apply different effects to each beat. Eventide’s Fission takes a different approach: rather than dividing up the source signal using a simple frequency splitter or time-based chopper, it divides incoming audio into ‘transient’ and ‘tonal’ elements. You can then apply your choice of effect to one or both of these components of the source before they are recombined at the output.

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Published June 2017