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HEDD Type 07

Active Monitors
Published March 2017
By Bob Thomas

HEDD may be a new venture, but the man behind it is no neophyte — as the company’s debut design proves!

Launched in August 2016, the Type 07 is one of two initial studio monitor products (its smaller sibling, the Type 05, is the other) from Berlin-based debutantes Heinz Electro-Dynamic Designs — HEDD for short. In actual fact, HEDD are not exactly newcomers to monitor design and manufacture, if only because their founder and chief executive, physicist Klaus Heinz, was the co-founder of and (until he left the company in 2014) head of R&D at Adam Audio, the Berlin-based manufacturers of studio monitors whose products have featured multiple times as winners of the monitor category of the annual SOS Awards.

HEDD Type 07 active monitor.The success of Adam Audio’s monitors was in no small part due to the company’s highly-regarded...

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Published March 2017