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IGS Audio 576 Blue Stripe

FET Compressor For 500-series
Published March 2017
By Neil Rogers

IGS Audio 576 Blue Stripe

This stylish module brings the ‘blue stripe’ revision of the UREI 1176 to the 500 series.

I was very pleased to get my hands on a new hardware offering from Polish company IGS Audio, as I had a great time reviewing their four-channel Springtime reverb earlier this year ( I was impressed with the build quality of that unit — not to mention its sound — and it’s worth noting that some of their other products have received similarly positive reviews from other SOS writers over the last few years. But we’ve only scratched the surface — visiting the IGS web site for the first time since evaluating the Springtime, only a few months later, I was impressed by the sheer number of...

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Published March 2017