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Integer Audio RMP2

Ribbon Microphone Preamplifier
Published March 2017
By Hugh Robjohns

Integer Audio RMP2: Ribbon Mic Preamp

Designed to get the best from passive ribbon and moving-coil mics, this preamp offers 80dB of gain and switchable input impedance.

The humble ribbon mic has recently enjoyed a remarkable and well-deserved resurgence. A key reason for its lack of mainstream popularity for so long was its low output level, and consequent requirement for high-gain and ultra-low-noise preamplification (an expensive luxury throughout the last century). Modern magnetic materials enable far stronger output signals from contemporary passive ribbon mics, and many modern designs also incorporate active impedance converters, to match the sensitivity and convenience of typical capacitor mics. But vintage ribbon mics still require high-gain, low-noise preamps, and a handful of manufacturers produce devices optimised for this niche market. Such products offer higher-than-usual gain (80dB or more), high input impedances (often 18kΩ or greater) and no phantom power (removing the risk of damage to the ribbon element). One such manufacturer is Integer Audio. Based in Rochester, New York, they were founded in 2015 by David Cicero, an electronics engineer and quality audio aficionado with over 30 years’ experience, and they currently offer a single product, the RMP2.


Essentially, the RMP2 is a simple, two-channel mic preamp, but it’s clear that it’s been developed with sonic accuracy and...

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Published March 2017