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Manger Audio C1

Active Monitors
Published April 2017
By Phil Ward

Manger’s unique approach to driver design yields a monitor with exceptional time-domain performance — but it comes at a cost.

Here at Sound On Sound, along with reviewing products from many of the usual suspects in the world of monitors, we also occasionally like to cover some of the more obscure options out there. And here, as a perfect example of the latter, is the Manger C1.

Manger C1 active monitor on stand.Manger [to rhyme with ‘anger’, not ‘danger’ — Ed.] are a long-established German speaker brand whose products have in the past been aimed primarily at the very high-end hi-fi sector. However, Manger describe the C1 as an “active studio monitor” and it certainly appears to tick all the boxes that could suit it to the role. A factor that makes the C1 rather more interesting than perhaps it otherwise would be is its use of the unique Manger ‘full-range’ driver.

I’ll attempt a description of the Manger driver shortly, but first, just in case you were already becoming intrigued, you probably need to know right from the off that the Manger C1 is far from being an inexpensive entry-level monitoring option. It’s really quite expensive. The C1 is also apparently not an easy monitor to love for its looks. Pretty much everybody who saw the review pair described them as anything from odd to ugly. Their dark, battle-ship grey probably didn’t help, and although some of the colour options illustrated on the Manger web site would probably help lift the mood, whatever their colour, the C1 will probably always dominate a space visually. Having said all that though, and in contrast to various friends and family, I actually found C1’s ‘brutalist’ aesthetic not entirely unattractive. Their exceptional build quality and bomb-proof engineering pressed all the right buttons for me too.

Driving Force

So, to that Manger...

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Published April 2017