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Olympus LS-P2

Handheld Audio Recorder
Published March 2017
By Paul White

Olympus LS-P2

This diminutive device boasts Bluetooth connectivity, an impressive battery life and a surprisingly versatile onboard mic array.

One of the biggest selling points of Olympus’ LS-P2 is just how big it isn’t! In fact, Olympus say it’s the smallest recorder in its class, and I’m inclined to believe them — at just 108.9 x 39.6 x 14.4 mm, it fits easily in any pocket or kit bag. Nonetheless, they’ve packed three mics inside it to form a ‘Tresmic’ array.

The LS-P2 runs from a single AAA battery and can charge the included NiMH battery via the USB connector which slides out of the bottom edge (this also allows for file transfer). Up to 40 hours of recording time is possible from a single battery charge — significantly longer than the direct competition. There’s 8GB of memory on board, and a Micro SD card slot, tucked away in the battery compartment, allows for...

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Published March 2017