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Peavey RBN 112

Active PA Speaker
Published April 2017
By Paul White

Ribbon tweeters are usually associated with studio monitoring, but Peavey’s classy new speaker proves they have a place in PA too.

The Peavey RBN112 powered PA speaker might look like a typical ‘plastic-box’ design, but it differs from convention in a number of ways — the most dramatic being the use of a 120mm ribbon tweeter feeding a custom waveguide, rather than a compression driver feeding a horn. This achieves a 110- by 30-degree coverage (horizontal by vertical) to put the sound where needed and to make the best of imperfect room acoustics. The other big advantage of using a ribbon is that the moving parts have a much lower mass than those of a typical compression driver, and so are better able to deal with high frequencies. A peak SPL of 130dB (at one metre) per speaker is specified.

Peavey RBN 112 PA speaker.The other ‘special’ aspect to this speaker is its Peavey 12-inch...

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Published April 2017